How To ‘Act As If’ To Empower The Law of Attraction | The Secret

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December17wed says:

They call me delusional but you should see their faces when my delusions become reality… ?. Oogle babe oogle.

Gili Kieffer says:

Awesome I already do that without even knowing 🙂 I tell all my friends that this guy I really like is already my boyfriend and he's coming back soon to be with me! I already got so many signs and confirmations from the universe that it's going to happen anyway but it's fun to pretend as if it's already happening now

Karen Walters says:

I'm using your inspirational videos on law of attraction to bring my patented luretreever invention to market! It will inspire 60 million fishermen to recover lost fishing tackle such as plastic and metal lures, lead sinkers, and discarded fishing line that harms the birds , wildlife, and the environment! It 's coming!

Edith Jones says:

I luv ogling..

babiegyrle679 says:

I like oogling

Angela Fletcher-Melville says:

I have trouble thinking of what to say lol ❤??

Erin Paton says:

I love oogling…….?

Inner World says:

Its connecting yourself to that part of your success. Ask them how they did it and listen to the answers and take massive action towards it. We have moved into higher frequencies where all this is coming easier. Our time is now!??

Anna Ramos says:

Months ago I was ogling to manifest my soulmate back into my life and acted as if we slept on the same bed in my room. Fast forward on dec 31 last yr, he really did slept over and we got back together last October. Thank you Ashley.

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