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organicallygrown says:

Wow Ellis you have just been on fire this year, back to back amazing video as well as old faves. I have had the book for year and have never finished reading but have recently finished listening to it through a free audible trial, I must say it did leave me feeling terrible about myself that I am responsible for my life. I’m now listening to the next book in the series (the power) and am determined to switch my mind set. ?

Nicola Cooper says:

Pls do another vid on this…. ive got the secret book ( yet to read ) but it all does seem to make sence in its own way….. i would love to find out more and put it into practice as i definitely need more positive thinking in my life
Thank u

Amy Hilton says:

Thank you for this fantastic video! I’m so glad you made one like this. I hope you’ll do a series on this subject. Thank you, Ellis x

Rebecca Starrs Cassidy Mama Cass says:

Go Ellis, so pleased for you I remember watching some of your earlier videos when I was at a really low ebb so glad to see how well things are working out for you x

Charlene Clempson says:

I started my LOA journey 4 years ago when I started self development. It’s incredible and it works 1000000% Loved this video xxx

Anna Drążkiewicz says:

There is still a tag on your orchid still 😉 x

B1GBOI 03 says:

Hello Ellis ?

rebecca frazer-ellis says:

I need this book I feel so negative with life at moment my daughter is really ill and the docs dont have a clue what up with her my relationship is struggling due to work (him) and low confidence. (me) I'm always redoing my budget and always struggling I'm hoping to buy the secret and learn more time to change!!

Kada Habou says:

Good ????????

Natasha Smale says:

Have you done a car clean and organization x

Mohamed Kam says:

You are the best ?

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