How The Law Of Attraction Changed My Life

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JunJun Camacho says:

so cute 💖💖💖

kiara Ca says:

Yessss! I really wanted this video, i hope you share the other tips for law of attraction. I hope it soon! Thanks 🙂

My chellean says:

Like attracts like

Thank you for raising my vibration with this kind of video🌹 Full of Positivity and awareness✨

Love you 💖

LilysPassion says:

Thank you so much for making this video and explaining the law of attraction. I've been looking forward to this video!! 🙂

Jean Asistio says:

Your voice is kinda therapeutic 😂

Nancy Lovegood says:

Aww jasmine as you were talking about the law of attraction some of the points literally reminded me of this song called "all these thoughts" by neffex😆 you need to hear it!

Lilibet .monika says:

😃😃such a great and interesting and an amazing video , the law of attraction it’s such a great thing 😃thank you so much Jasmine I really need this in my life and I must start to practice this 😃
You’re amazing Jasmine I love you and your videos (and it’s been a year that I’ve been following your channel yes 😃I I discovered your channel around at the beginning of July last year 😃oh and I am so grateful for it ), you’re incredible gift from the universe ❤️

Phoebe Zhong says:

I am totally with u. Thx for reminding me the law of attraction, which I also have been practicing raising my awareness of my thoughts. U r my sunshine! Love u Jasmine ❤️

tony M says:

Hi Jasmine, each time you do a video, maybe h can give us your affirmation of the day ? Send it out to theuniverse. We can do it too. It might not just be for us. Could be for the world ☺

Phoebe Zhong says:

Jasmine I love the plants at ur room! I am wondering r they real or artificial? If it’s artificial , where did u get them in Melbourne? I am sorta plant killer😖 even lucky bamboo looks not quite healthy at the moment after I had it couple of months. My partner said we r not gonna have real plants if the lucky banboo was gone… so now I am looking for some cutie greens. Last week I got a cactus-designed candle, which comes with a pot. Super cute.

Random Random says:

Thank you for the information, it was very helpful ^^

RespectOthers says:

What you said/explained made so much sense.
I have experienced this in many situations but normally with unwanted outcomes because of my self-doubting and pessimism.
From now on…must be like Jasmine = a magnet for positive things! 😀

Amina N. says:

this has made me realise how negative and pessimistic I am, yikes lol

지혜박 says:

guys i would really appreciate it if you would recommend me a good yoga video i am so lost

Aniqah says:

This video has cleared up so many of my questions about the law of attraction! Thank you Jasmine 🙂

June says:

You should start a podcast! 🙂 I would love listening to your wisdom 💖

Samiha Ayman says:

This video is really great, thank you so much. You look so cute and beautiful in this color and headband.

yaffa says:

와 .. 너 진짜 예쁘다!! ❤❤
actually I also discovered TLOA about a year ago and it's amazing!! u realize the power your thoughts has on your life and your perspective about life start to change, it's amazing!! thank u for your words!! 정말 고마워!! 사랑해❤

Diana Sadik says:

😘😘😘Your soooooo cuteee with theose miki mouse ears and that t-shirt 😍😍😍😍i wamted to tell you that i started folowing since december of 2017 and your videos have changed my entire life i became mire positive person and started to enjoy my life like never before and aepecialy tje video that youade on how to be flowent in a lanquge i toke that not only for leaning lanquges but also many diffrengs thing and i seccess since that video my life have change and i realy want to thank you and tell you that you are the best youtuber and the best person i have eber known and im realy thankgull that i got the chanve to k ow you watch your videos💓💓❤❤❤
(Sorry if my english isnt good my native lanquge is hebrew) and amazing bideo ny the way😚😚😚😚😚

Barbara Jackson cz says:

After watching this video I realized how negatively I tend to think in certain situations..In general I am very positive person but I always depreciate myself because I tend to compare myself to others. I've been strugling with this issue for so long and It's not easy to change that right away. I think I am doing it automatically without knowing about it. I will try harder to change that and become more confident person, even though It will be a long term goal for me… I hope we all can become more confident and happy. Thank you so much Jasmine❤🙏 I wish you a nice week ahead.😊진짜 감사합니다 Jasmine씨💕

tony M says:

💖💖💖💖💖💖 what an awesome message 😊 thank you Jasmine 😊

Lea Choclate says:

I think you have just changed my life, thank you jasmine for always inspiring us and for sharing your life experiences.💗

tony M says:

This ones deep ! But i love it 😊

tony M says:

💖u Jasmine ☺

Natalia X says:

great topic! your youtube channel is so helpful. i love you!

Dear Carol says:

Thank you Jasmine for another great video! Each one of your videos makes me smile. I've already heard of the Law of Atraction, but I never really knew what it ment. Now Im really excited, I'm going to try to use it. I love you, your videos and your messages!!! They really bright up my day 😉

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