How long does it take for the law of attraction to work??

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Prospect Realm says:

You are soo fine.

Stefan Schmidt says:

Awesome video, thank you. I learned all of this already, but somehow I keep forgetting the loa basics over time. Good reminder of this stuff. Good that you talk about the loa basics more often recently.

Myat Thurein Oo says:

Please make a video about doing good deeds and rewards

Mo Nete says:

I admit I have a LOT of resistance towards my dream job. I've been unable to manifest a job for whole 4 years, even despite feeling good, and I got to the point where just hoping sounds like a burden. I also have a hard time letting go, since my current reality keeps reminding me that I don't have a job. But instead of giving up, I decided to just let myself feel the way I do without pressuring myself or trying to force myself to feel optimistic. But now that I think about it, I think the Universe has some sort of plan – not only did I receive a 3 week vacation in May, when I was mentally exhausted and needed a break, but I also got into a training course, that might help me get a job, not a dream job, but a decent job. I start to feel a bit more hopeful, that this might work out for me somehow, but again, I will not try to feel exhilarated or excited. I will just let myself be neutral, accept where I am, how I feel, whether I feel good or bad, and just roll with it.
sorry for the rant haha. Great video and the lawn manifestation was actually super funny 😀

Arachno Recordings says:

It depends on how I internally react to thoughts of want.
For example two weeks ago I watched a few clips from the movie Scarface and though to myself that I'd like to watch the full movie again sometime. It was just a fleeting though. It didn't linger on.
I rarely turn the TV on but we have a channel that shows a movie or two most nights so sometimes I'll just check to see what movies are on.
Two nights after my though about watching Scarface I turned on the TV to see what movie was on and Scarface had literally just started.
Things like this occur regularly for me, but it's the stuff I know I really want that are hard to manifest.
Lately I have been consciously making myself aware of the different feelings associated with different levels of want, so hopefully with practice I can start applying the fleeting feelings of less significant wants to the bigger, 'important' things that I want to manifest.

Crystal Churchill says:

WOW!!! I enjoyed that one! This is SPOT ON to what I end up doing sometimes, which causes what I want to become delayed. This is really going to be a game changer for me! Thank you, Andrea!!! I also introduced a friend of mine to your page yesterday! She's in that phase of "Not knowing" what she wants in life so I told her that Not knowing was ok and that was a great place to start because it means her KNOWING has infinite possibilities to show up.

Leah Le Gall says:

I attracted a 'mixed bag'. What i did and didn't want in a lover (he was so closer to ok than horrible). Unfortunately i am not am not in a willing mood atm for anything less than i deserve.. hello resistance…??‍♀️?‍♀️

Phil Pulve says:

Love your delivery. You're great at this.

Me None says:

it's all ok on my way

Ammy M says:

Ya ..i really enjoyed this video..actually today i understood 1 more law of attraction we dont need to ask to doesn't matter whether we are aware about our que. Or not …anyhow answer must come..from 4 – 5 days this question was wondering in my mind that how much time is necessary for any menifestation..and see u uploaded this video…u told absolutely right about my synchronicity.."u never know what's coming"…???again small but exact n amazing tip…

Luisantonio Diaz says:

Well for me depend of the things that I like to manifest.sometimes money comes to me easy and small things also but for big things it's take more time like my new phone and now a computer.takes about 5 months.????

LCNWA says:

This happens to me too. Or i get behind someone whos paying more attn to their phone than their driving. All i want to do is get around then or let them get way ahead of me.

Bianca Latumeten says:

Thank you Andrea.

Tricia Rennea says:

Depends. Small objects and misplaced items .5 seconds to 5 minutes. Bigger things that get me really excited take longer, usually within a month. There are some I am still waiting on, but that is because part of my feels I am not worthy (yet) for things, I will be 🙂

casey carla says:

777 views, 111 likes?

Tom N. says:

Great video Andrea !! Really hit home with this really helpful video !!

Ahmed Humayun Rasheed says:

Love your body wonder woman!!

Ahmed Humayun Rasheed says:

Looking really nice 3:55

david baker says:

The small things can come quick but big things for me takes a while. To be fair… I think I cause resistance but I'm working on it by raising my vibration.

Keken Chhetri says:

It depends for me. I notice generally if focused greatly , up to 5 years.

Rajesh Jaiswal says:

Natural positive thought process????☺

Mário says:

Best law of attraction channel on YouTube. I'm just saying…

Universe Says says:

It depends on how truly detached I am for a sustained period of time and how peacefully present I am.

Universe Says says:

“Boy, I hope that I don’t get a $250,000 check in the mail as I am watching this video! Don’t show up, $250,000 check, don’t show up! I am so scared of you!”

Mercedez Lasiter says:

Depends what you desire

Richa Maansingh Kakkar says:

I thought about 3 people from my workspace and all of them contacted me- either in person or through cellphone- within a matter of few hours. I was searching for my earphones so that i can watch this video peacefully and suddenly the theme song of a movie flashed for a while across my mind. Anyways i continued searching my earphones. In less than 5 minutes my sibling played the very same theme song
So while it is manifesting easily and at a lightening speed for materialistic things and less important people, it has not yet manifested for my specific person or the multiple parties that are preventing us from being together.

It's My Opinion says:

Insistence is resistance

Great vedio…

Pulkit says:

When the resistance is minimum i.e it hardly matters in my reality it manifests immediately.

Alexunder says:

What are your habits to raise your vibration?

Rebecca Jones says:

It depends on what I'm trying to manifest b/c of my attitude toward what I want to attract.

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