How Law Of Attraction Changed My Life!

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msk says:

Dunno if this counts but for years I have been thinking really hard that 1) I want to study abroad, 2) I want to get away from my helicopter mom, 2) I don't really want to go to a university that is "top-notched." Now I'm study abroad way away from mom and the university I attend is not "top-notched."
Never really thought of Law of Attraction. Just thought this worked out because I didn't study as hard as I was supposed to but maybe this could be law of attraction who knows. But if it is it just tells you that you have to really want it to happen and actually do something about it.

Pamela Magdanz says:

Thank you for the reminder ❤

The Blyss Catalyst says:

It’s not magic or anything supernatural, it’s quantum physics, so it’s actually the opposite of supernatural. It’s legitimate science. Look up quantum physics explains law of attraction. Research the double slit experiment. What evidence shows is that all matter is created from observers’ expectations. This has been proven over and over in scientific studies…..I love love LOVE that you’re incorporating this into your content and brand!! Love your videos.

cutekinoko says:

I was sceptical watching one of your videos on clothing choices but now I am hooked. I believe I was meant to come across your channel. I needed to hear about the law of attraction!

Real Talk says:

I atracted a new car in a year. I am so blessed. I thank god because he made those law of physics and gave us intelligence to atract it.. Gratitude is very important, affirmations and alignment with the energy want to have. I never thought i would happen but i let go of the outcome and it worked. Greetings a aries woman

Kate says:

Thank you for the Law of Attraction tips

Sylvia Christine Inciong-Manalo says:

Ana I love this video of yours. Your tips are really positive and motivational. I agree with what you said about law of attraction and taking actions for our dreams and goals. Also having faith that things will happen.

Tracilyn Hidalgo says:

I need this in my life. For some reason I attract people who are out to use and take advantage of me. I’ve never had a good boyfriend. Only awful men hit on me. Never a good man. I haven’t figured this out. I attract poor people who are mean also. How do I break this?!


Anna, I think the law of attraction has been working for you since you were a child. I bet if you go back in time, you'll remember that you've had several times where you were impressed by a picture of Rome, or a movie, or an elegant person, when you were younger, and you day dreamed, and you accidentally tapped into the law of attraction a long time ago. It happened for me.
I fell in love with architecture when I was 7, I loved a specific car also, I knew like you that leaving my small country moving to the U.S.A. in order to succeed. I was raised to believe that I was a girl and I have to have people taking care of me, to gift me things, inherit things, and now I get a lot of expensive gifts (about $100Kbper year, and that's not including my living expenses), I always drive my dream cars, especially now, and we're also building our gorgeous homes, in a beautiful place, and because of me, we'r are getting discounts on doo many things. I just was told that im getting $50K in discounts on our windows – I don't even ask!!! I travel a lot to wonderful and exotic places, and stay in the most luxuries resorts, and most wonderful ways, and I don't pay for any of it!!!
The other day I needed to pay for my expense new car's registration. I didn't think of it as a burden at all, we can afford it, but I just casually said to myself, I wonder how much this car will cost to register? This is the most expensive car I've ever had. Guess what, before I left the house, I checked my mail, because it's my morning routine. I got a check for almost exactly the amount!!! I only had to pay 26 cents different. Like I said, I didn't need it, but I appreciate it very much so, and that's the trick. I'm IMMENSELY grateful – always for everything, even the parts of that are not quite perfect yet!!! First thing I dau before I get up in the morning, "I'm so happy and grateful for EVERYTHING you give ne Universe, thank you so much. I'm so HAPPY for EVERYTHING I have, ALL the good, and ALL that taught me a lesson. Thank you sooo much!!!" And I feel it! I do the same as I'm closing my eyes and I go to sleep. I say something similar just randomly when I feel it. When im getting a massage, whatn I'm driving my car – I'm OOOOZING with gratitude!!!

It works, it really, really works!!! ????

Anna Kuennen-Pitches says:

Thank you ANNA I did not feel like going to do my studies of what I have set my goals to do and I’ve got to say I started my skin care routine and listening to you I must not be lazy!!

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