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T. Girl says:

"I'm talking to God, because I mean business" ? – Yes ma'am!
"Don't expect it to be easy, if you keep convincing yourself that it has to be hard" ❤️❤️❤️ Ohhh how I needed to hear this. #ohyeeoflittlefaith

Marlee Robertson says:

It's so amazing to see how God works in our lives! Congrats on making your dreams come true! ❤️

P.s. it's super cool that y'all live so close to Savannah because I do too and visit there often!

Cassie Crowe says:

So happy for y'all! I used to worry so much, about everything… Constantly. I thought life was a constant struggle full of one roadblock after another. Then one day I was reading my Bible study and the same verses that I had been hearing all my life, I finally really understood them. It's crazy how you can think you understand something and then BAM it takes on a whole new meaning, goes to a completely new level. I still worry sometimes, but nothing like I did before. It all had to do with faith. I now have a faith that I couldn't fathom before. I still don't have all the things I'd like to have, but I have what I need and I trust God to take care of the rest… And HE ALWAYS DOES. Prayers for y'all as you embark on this new chapter of life in your new home ? ?

kimbers 123 says:

I love that u bring God into ur story. And give him so much credit.

Alison H says:

So happy for you:) Congratulations!

Mia Hanna says:

I love when God shows up like that. Thanls for sharing your story

Patricia Currie says:

What a great testimony. Thanks for sharing?

Kim Knows says:

I am so incredibly happy for you!!

Nursingstudent805 says:

When things dont work out its cause they are not meant to work out. God had better plans for you guys. I know its hard to understand why things happen a certain way but all I can tell you is that when things are meant to be everything always falls into place.

Lindsey Stephenson says:

Wow. The Holy Spirit spoke to me thru this video. I have been on a journey personally of knowing that God is wanting me to move to another town. He has already given me a place to live, now I'm just waiting on a job. Still waiting for my transition to come and waiting on His timing for all this to come to fruition. The last month I have felt exactly like you guys. God literally gave me a place to live without me even pursuing anything. I have felt His love so tangibly as I have been patient and obedient waiting on His timing. If we will call on Him and let Him take care of us He will blow our mind with what He will do. Dream big and allow God to do the rest. He goes above and beyond. Just like the bible says….He will do more than we could ask think or imagine. Because He loves us that much! Just receive it. Love yall's story!! Thank you for sharing.

METVTheChannel says:

Banks and many entities like that have no idea how to handle businesses. I have been running into this for 20-plus years. It is such a pain in the butt. And it actually just pisses me off that these government agencies have so much control over what we can do with our money. Entrepreneurs really need to look at their political options, and pay attention to what laws actually help them and protect them. At the end of the day, businesses big and small, are one of the main economic forces in this country.

Alaina Wood says:

I LOVE Pooler!!

Esther Gonzalez says:

You guys seem very humble and down to earth.. Congratulations on finding your home!!!

Brianna Johns says:

Loved this video! We are currently in the home buying process ourselves. It definitely hasn't been easy but I'm finally at the point where I realized God has been telling me "Quit worrying and let me take care of you!" It's amazing how much grace is extended with just a little faith! Congratulations on your new home!

Hayli G says:

I am so happy I watched this. My husband and I have had ups n downs on housing since we got married 6 almost 6 years ago. We have bounced between renting and living with my parents and now we are searching for homes. Both my husband and I have said multiple times that it it’s meant to be it will be easy! God is so good!!! Congrats!

ystallw says:

Congratulations to your family! Thank you for the encouragement, we all need to be reminded at times. When we stand on the promises of God and believe He will do it. Things will manifest in our life. It’s hard sometimes but it gets easier once you learn to trust God in all things. I can’t wait to see the house tour! May God continue to bless you & your family! To God be the Glory!!! ??????❤️❤️❤️??????

California Mom says:

Thanks Meg. I needed to hear this ?

Rachel Phelps says:

God is so good!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

Crafty Candace says:

I love Pooler! I’m about 45 mins from you. It’s so nice not having to go into Savannah to shop now. It’s growing super fast. God is good and He truly blesses His children!!

Shesacamper 1 says:

Meg and Justin, I am so very happy for you both. With faith, nothing is impossible. So excited to see your house tour! May God Bless.

Anastasia D. says:

So brave you were totally honest and opening yourself up for the critics.

Kimberly Webb says:

Crying my eyes out…….I SO needed to hear this…

Thehomescoolinghomemakingway, in PR says:

Wow! God is talking to me through you. We are trying to buy a house and are self employed and going through the tax drama too.???

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