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Krissy M says:

Manifestation is VERY powerful! I manifested my way to your BYOB event writing it in my journal and speaking it into existence made it happen for me. I knew I was going to be going to your event I didn’t know how but when it was presented to me but I was prepared for when it happened. After seeing your previous video on quantum jumping I did my research and I’ve decided to do my very first quantum jump tonight. I’m loving these videos girl! Keep it coming 😆 Thank you for your positive energy we need more people like you in the world.

Krissy M ❤️

Andrew Walker says:

This was great timing because I'm looking to get a break through right now financially and in my business. Thanks for introducing us to this concept.

mama_ katt says:

Who wants to grow together? 🥰 Let’s do it! 🤩✨

Stretch_4 says:

This video is actually motivation. And is also good with meditation techniques. I actually started quantum jumping today after watching your last video! Thanks! I love it!💯

Deosherry Channel says:

Love you girl keep up the good work. 💖

As Told By Nekki says:

I do believe manifestation is real law of attraction is real and also the faith within yourself and the faith within God is also real I've been stating that I was going to get a job before the end of the month I wrote it down I've been dreaming about it literally talking about it every single day thinking about it and now I have a job offer and now I have a couple more offers that just came in. So now I have options.

Da Good Vybe says:

I don't believe in the Law of Attraction but do believe in the Word of God that "Faith is the substance of things hope for" 🙏

Hope Ambridge says:

she is a goddess
👇🏼 ( I’m just a small YouTuber tryna make friends 💙)

Kelly R Perkins says:

This is great! Cant wait to talk to folks in the group!

TyiBanniyia says:

Yaaaaayyyyyyy manifestation Monday!!!!!

The Breezy Family says:

Sparkle Marie u have wisdom beyond ur years!!! Love this video 😍😍😍 Anyone want to grow together I'm down!!!

Micah Sophia says:

Lets support one another ❤️

Taren Kenniel says:

Hi Sparkle, I watched your previous video at work I got home that night and I did exactly what you said the next day I had a check in the mail it was an amazing feeling I know it’s more to come❤️

Ku and The Creole Queen Mukbangs says:

I practiced it today. I’m believing I will come back with great results ✨✨

Jasmine Jennings says:

I love the strangest secret & earl nightingale I listen to it at least once or twice a month! I reccomend that everyone check it out!

1MOM2BOYS says:


Kiyana Cofield says:

She never actually explains how to do it

Just Janice says:

Been waiting on this particular one 🙏🏾

Sn: will try this for a great amount after my first thing manifests

Isatu Sesay says:

Wow that good love you 😍😍😍

Browneyed Déj says:

Question? Do you believe that if you had not had a business , do you think you could've manifested $30,000 within two weeks?


Who wants to grow together?

🔥🌹 let’s do this

Vivian Oseni says:

Inspired indeed love her already

Renée Wekem says:

Who wants to support each other

Bria Dee says:

I need to start manifesting my student loans off then… cause honeyyy

ThatGirllVal says:

I need to figure this out somehow. Cause I am hella in debt lol

Earth Changing Extremities says:

Incredible video with heart & soul. Sending you loads of love and blessings 💔💔💔

Haley R says:

I just found you through a random encounter and it was meant to be. This is the first full video I'm getting to see and as soon as you mentioned Earl Nightingale I was hooked 💚. Definitely going to have to backtrack and view your other videos

Ms. marry says:

I love you so much ur so inspiring I hope I can make it big in the YouTube community and business community like you

Avalon London says:

Very eloquently explained.

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