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Supreme Banana says:

Like I mentioned in the beginning & end of the vid- this is not intended as a flex. I’d be way more happy (and less anxious lol) by not sharing this info tbh. Plus, I had to pay off all my bills with that $$ anyways🤣 But, I wanted to share so people can see the potential power of law of attraction! You don’t have to believe it, I’m not shoving these beliefs down anyone’s throats. Just sharing what worked for me bc videos like this are what helped me!

DownToEarth Momma33 says:

I really liked this video. Thank you.

shae25251 says:

also of friggen course she worked hard – law of attraction doesn't work by just sitting there and sending out good vibes. you gotta work for it just like you for to get anything in life

shae25251 says:

reading the comments I can see where everyone is coming from but you don't have to acquire the money you want the same way she does. of course she made it from youtube – this is her platform and this is the best way for her to obtain the money…. that's why you don't see other videos of people who have done the same because they don't have this platform/aren't a youtuber/influencer. hopefully this makes sense. All she's trying to do is help everyone else attempt to do the same (get $$) cause as you can see she is HYPED and just wants to share the technique to the world so y'all can all do it for yourself. she shares resources – if you havent read the badass books please do the yellow one changed my life big time. if youz a hater try it yourself, and never give up. then get back to us! before you hate on her I would go try it in your life first…just sayin

BringMellTheHorizon says:

Everyone nagging, ya'll dont have to believe this if you don't want to. But the fuck do you have to lose with basically just trying to have a more positive outlook on life and believing in yourself? Basically the same thing. If you don't dare to dream of a better tomorrow, you will not ever start working towards it either. Whether it works or not, Cami has no bad intentions here. So you should all chill tf down.

FeedOnSpeed says:

yikes, the comments… law of attraction is sort of a hard thing for some people to grasp since most people think it's literally just sitting around wishing 😂 no guys, you also have to change your mindset, stop the negative talk (i'm broke, i never have enough money, no one likes me, etc.) and take inspired action. some of these people should look into manifestation babe. and honestly just have an open mind 🙂 but people will learn when they are ready!

Jailyn SoTalkative says:

I do this and I’m STILL a Broke Bit- but well, I will get a Journal and start writing shit down, instead of saying it out loud to myself in the mirror 🙃💀🤣 #BrokeNation Congratulations to you though, I’m happy for you!!🙌🏻❤️

blumen says:

Even though I'm poor I still believe in manifestation. I have had things come to me weeks or months after asking. Sometimes I forget that I ask for it and give thanks after realizing that it happened. The reason I truly believe in it is because I get EXACTLY what I ask for. I want to get deeper into the law if attraction because of that. There's no telling how my future might make a 360 next year.

Darth Vegan says:

Why is law of attraction, so stupid

Lo Dino says:

Damn, a lot of negative feedback, but I dug this a lot. I’m an independent contractor so I literally manifest & work hard for my job. Manifesting is just believing that it is so. It kinda tricks your brain in a way into working even harder to reach whatever goal you have. That was the point of the video which I appreciate. This may not apply to your whole audience but y’all gotta realize that she doesn’t do the same job as you & apply things in a way that works for you.

Myke says:

Hard work and a positive attitude makes money? sPoOkY

This shit is starting to sound like religion. It's not that complicated….

Solar ASMR says:

I don't think law of attraction works with money like that.. Or else I'm sure there wouldn't be poverty. I usually love your videos and mindset but this is just so out of touch with reality.

Tori Vornberg says:

law of attaction is the most depressing state of mind ever. do not surpress yourself to law of attraction. watch teal swan. she will explain

Sioux James-Love says:

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS VIDEO! Thank you so much for sharing this 👻😃 I’m so jolly happy for you muffin! ♥️ CONGRATS!!! 😃💛👍🏻 I seriously needed this wee burst of inspiration this morning and you have really inspired me to give it a go! 😃💛 You really are just such a wee ray of sunshine! Keep it up muffin… your doing wonderfully and I hope everything you want to manifest comes true! 😃♥️

lindatmoh says:

i firmly believe in the law of attraction and manifestation, however videos like this one don't help anyone. society isn't equal – heck, it is BUILT on systems of inequality. you already have an advantage on me, for instance, because you're white and i'm not. i, even as a woman of color, am in a position of privilege when it comes to my gender because i am cis, while trans women and non-binary people have to struggle way harder than i do to even feel accepted by society. it's not all so black and white. it's not a fair and equal race. we all must realize and accept our privilege, whether it comes from the color of our skin, our gender, our sexuality, the family we were born into, our wealth (or lack thereof). i can understand what you were trying to do with this video – inspire others to manifest positive things into their lives – but i think it could have been done differently. money is a delicate topic and considering the socioeconomic system we live in, kind of an insensitive one for a youtube video coming from a white, cis woman working in entertainment. this isn't a personal attack, i would say the same about myself if i made this video. i see this a lot on youtube, people who are inherently privileged making videos about "how i manifested my full-time job on social media", "how easy it was for me to start eating completely organic", "how i left everything behind and moved to bali to eat açai bowls and smoke weed all day long". the thing is: it's not that simple. maybe it would just be better making videos about your experience rather than claiming to be able to help people achieve similar goals when it's clearly not true. it's not just about manifesting, there are so many obstacles to wealth that transcend how much you believe in something. institutional discrimination of racism, gender etc. don't just disappear if you manifest it. for example, my dream is to own a publishing house one day, but, according to statistics (, the percentage of women of my ethnicity holding executive positions in publishing houses is 1% against 86% for white people. this is just one of the endless occasions where manifesting wouldn't be enough. it's sad but it's true. i usually never comment on youtube but i felt like this needed saying

Jennifer B says:

Usually all about your content but this is a little hard to watch not gonna lie

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