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andy Baillie says:

Go girl we put our self's were we are and with what we have and continue to have we are all one with the universe we have and achieve what we allow ourselves to bug hugs n love to you I'm great full for your words xxx

San Pawar says:

I like the top you are wearing, where did you buy it from? Great content by the way!

Aida B says:

Thank you Emma for sharing! Your story is amazing!!
I would like to ask your advice for salary raise…I am earning enough for living but honestly I know that I am not paid enough for my job. Considering my job description and my pay…there is a huge gap ???? Do you have advice?

Danielle Bond says:

This is good. I'm debt free the universe helped me a different way.Thanks for sharing xx

natisha williams says:

This is so weird. Despite not knowing where it’s coming from I’ve been saying all week I wanted to manifest £10,000 by Friday 30th and have been doing the 2 cup method. And what a coincidence today you do a video on how to manifest £10,000 in 5 days ????

sherlocklust says:

I wish your videos were shorter

Jennifer Ballard says:

Can’t wait to let you know what I’ve manifested by the time your next video is out! Thank you sooo much for sharing! I manifested £7000 before and I think it’s purely down to letting go! I didn’t need the money I just thought it would be good to have it so I had no attachments… need to remember my own success stories sometimes haha! Xxx

Elle Ma says:

Love your vibes

CallherMimi says:

I have 100,000 subscribers by the end of 2019 ????????

c m says:

I’ve been wanting to manifest 10,000 it would pay my loans and paying for going back to school and everything else

Alice Parker says:

Love the running theme! ???? ????
I had same situation with my ex-husband. I was loathe to give away my own hard earned savings to pay off a continuous debt he racked up but unfortunately we had a joint account so my powers were limited. Once I realised I had enough savings to pay off this debt & I would recouperate it over time. The burden & loathing became less. Once I had cleared the debt I felt so much freedom, a release. No more ties!!! That feeling was euphoria!! Afterwards I felt so good that I had the money & I paid it off asap because I could then finally move on & start anew!! Lessons learnt – don't have joint bank accounts or lend anyone money & I've had several fallouts due to this rule but I'm sticking by it!! Since then I have manifested alot of money. I tend to manifest experiences/items rather than actual money but I guess it's pretty much the same thing due to the value.


I have a 10.000€ bill on my vision board and I keep seeing and hearing that number and now you’re coming out with a video. It’s coming ????????????

Danniessa says:

Ok I need to hear this one lol because my uni is starting

Sarah says:

Thank you Emma! Perfect timing!

Nash Khan says:

Thankx Emma you are so beautiful

Paulina misiura says:

Right on time 🙂 I literally needed this video, many thanks Emma

Agave Afro says:

Thanks for sharing this. So inspiring xx

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