How I Manifest ANYTHING Using Scripting | Manifestation Journal | Law of Attraction Success

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Лин 21 says:

Can I manifest a specific person?


Hey, even after receiving what we are manifesting, are we supposed to write gratitude and all in journal?

Speville Marie Christine says:

what is the music at the beginning please!!


I had a doubt do we have to write what we want like every single day and night?

Linda Byrne says:

I did 55×5 and I said, "I am so grateful for my infinite abundance and prosperity." A couple days later my husband get an email from an investment firm telling him that he has $50,000 in an account from when he worked at xyz company and it was the employee/employer match program. He had forgotten or just was unaware that he participated. Thank you Jesus! Thank you God!

Bianca . says:

it's possible to change your personality? like i want to become less shy and more cofident😫

TheFashionAlly22 says:

Thank you for this video!!

lakshi dinu says:

Hi I am from srilanka.. I am new to do law of attraction..and this video also very helpful to me.. thanks for sharing with us.waiting for your more videos ❤️

Natasha Nana says:

Ella, do subliminals work? Any personal experience with them?

Eisha Singh says:

I love you ella

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