Ho’oponopono Meditation

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David J says:

Feeling devastated after taking weeks to think up how to word an apology to my ex for my behavior months ago. It's the most vulnerability I've shown to her in a long time and the non responsiveness from her is leading to me falling back on beating up myself and the feelings of remorse/regret when we fell apart. The idea of telling her felt good/right leading up to it and I was exhausted of sounding inauthentic in our interactions, and didn't want to play games cause it's not me. I waited to try and feel convinced that this was an action supported by my inner being, but maybe it wasn't an inspired action. Even though it felt overwhelmingly like the right thing.
Really wound up now in emotion and feel like I have nowhere to put it. I have a lot to dissolve… I hope I can. I just want to be at peace and detach like where I was until she entered the picture again. It just all comes back again and again and it's so damn hard to let go and forgive myself, or live in the desired end result when I'm continually reminded of my mistakes and what I'd lost.

Sable LeBlanc says:

Agnes, can you do a meditation on manifesting your desired appearance?!

Fanny's LoA says:

Omg the signs are suddenly rolling in!
Realised yesterday that I probably wasn't treating SP very well, saw someone say the same on FB today, and was told to do ho'oponopono.

I open youtube to do just that, and what's the first video in my subscription feed?

Thank you, Agnes ♡

Shampa Datta says:

wonderful..takes me to a different world for that moment..can this help me to get my love back, Agnes?

Ultimate Shining says:

I hope to change the discord in my family♥️

Sable LeBlanc says:

I did this meditation because I am relaxed and I saw it so I decided to do this to clear up anything bad and replace it with love to manifest! I dedicated this to my body and face, my sp, my family and even my God!!!! I only did half but this was just lovely! 🦋🌺🦋🌺

Chantal Sinclair says:

Can you do this while driving (other than closing your eyes)?

Aarushi says:

Beautiful!! Much awaited. Thank you so much Agnes ❤️💖 And the music takes me to a different world.

Lana I says:

Thank you, Agnes!

Jessica Carvalho says:

Agnes all of your meditations are so lovely

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