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Saurabh 007 says:

How can we bring peace and happiness in our surrounding environment? Thank You!

Danita Inwek says:

Kartika I love your videos, what do you suggest for doing ho`oponopono on narcissists, people who will never change or "heal"? I just want to feel better

Lisa Marie says:

Michael Jackson’s song Man in the Mirror comes to mind ??

Lisa Marie says:

Beautiful ? I watched your other videos on it. Thank you for your amazing videos x

Pooja Jhamnani says:

OMG…this video is right on time for me….I am trying to manifest a certain thing in my life since past few months, I can feel the positive vibes as if it is on the way but still it has not come into reality…I was almost losing my patience and today I asked Sai baba to give me a clue as to how can I remove the obstacles from my path to manifest my dream in reality…and I guess Sai Baba has answered my prayer through you….thanku Kartika

Kundan singh rajput says:

Hey shakti….I watch your video feeling good ❤️?

Miko Miks says:

Bad hopopnpo experience

Miko Miks says:

Hey. I did it and a girl switch on me

saransh tuli says:

Hello kartika…wassup…a great job is being done by you..m benifitted

Kasey's Kase Holistic Healing Studio says:

Valuable self healing and you can’t blame others

Akash Naik says:

It was a lie.. your goal is to become an inspiring vocal artist!! Kick me if I'm wrong!!

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