Ho’oponopono 432Hz Deep Healing Meditation For Forgiveness – Chakra Balancing | VEX KING

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Red Riding hood says:

Imagine these words are life itself talking to you, it has a tremendous healing effect

Z V says:

With a lot of strength, resilience & positivity I choose to forgive others & myself. I pray for a prosperous,peaceful,productive, wonderful beginning from today. Happy New Year 2019.

NameNot InUse says:

Aren’t you supposed to talk to the Devine (or whoever you believe in)? Rather than to the subject I’m upset with? I’ve heard both ways. I’m confused.

Puja Mondal says:

This is so soothing. It helps me to overcome from my frustrations and depression. Thank you

Shayery Mitra says:

Wow that's so soothing..the book and now music would make a real heal to broken hearts,😄

Shweta Vijay says:

Thank you again. First the book and now this. You’re helping me stand strong again. Appreciate it, brother.

Infinito Nandita says:

Wow this is so amazing sir🙏🏻😇 lookimg forward to more such incredible videos💕

Kalpana M says:

This is very beautiful! I had come across this practice in Dr.Joe Vitale's book Zero Limit couple of years ago! But never tried it… Now I'll 🙂 🙂 Loads of love and appreciation to you and your gorgeous wife Kaushal 🙂 🙂

Makeup by Kanchan says:

Needed this positivity so much in my life right now…thnq so much, Vexking & Kaushal. 🙏😊

Jashan mangat says:

Eagerly waiting for more content In love with your book thanks a lot very thankful to you

You Know Who says:

This is so amazing!! Thank you! 💙😊

Wilma Goyes says:

The whole video content is 1:11!!
Manifestation … guys?!?

Aquariuschild07 says:

So happy youve created this and happy your finally creating youtube content!!

Jasmin Jan says:

soo soothing to the ears 💜🙌🏼

Hadz Arshad says:

This gives me a weird feeling 😂 Probably a good thing 👌🏽🙌🏽 Definitely post more! 🌟

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