HIDDEN BIBLE PRAYER Technique To Manifest WHATEVER You Want (Law of Attraction)

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Jake Ducey says:

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Big Luv says:

Thank you universe for the avalanches abundance of wealth that flows into my life I am now a lender and not a borrower

timothy haggerty says:

anything i ask i receive my soulmate in my life

Maria says:

Ask believe receive

DBJ says:

Been in astonishing agreence with this clever righteous effective elegantly divine concept within us since i was about 18.. Im 23 now and still am mastering applying believing ive already received whatever i truly deeply desire and im now a master at it because i chose to be one 🙂 thanks Jake Ducey for explaining this clearly to the public masses of conscious manifesting masters 🙂 ANYTHING WE ASK WE RECEIVE 🙂

Scott Pomraning says:

Anything I ask I will receive.

Scott Pomraning says:

I am truly grateful that I am a multi millionaire worth over 60 million dollars now. If not this then something greater.
I am grateful that I am a professional bowler now one of the best professional bowlers in the world. If not this then something greater.

Scott Pomraning says:

Ask believe and receive.

alfred priestley says:

Been there done that before yes sir Jake that was me thirty-five years ago doing that been better than that these days it works not on the begger mode yeah that hadn't worked for me years ago I learned the hard way of course yes it does work yes thankful mode yes that's true I've got a lot of stuff that way on a lot of things that I manifested yes being thankful that works and I usually accompany the grateful mode and it always works it does work the grattitude can make it happen anything I ask I receive ask believe and receive oh almost forgot to express being thankful for this video you took the time to get out to those of us who are gratefully appreciate it and you are producing great and awesome videos Jake many thanks again for your videos

Jeannette Ritter says:

Anything I ask, I receive.

Alan Doherty says:

Anything i ask i receive

Ashish Arman says:

Thank u god u blessed my life with abudance

Mary Guerra says:

Anything I ask I receive, thank you God/universe for my retirement with plenty of abundance.

Laura Manning says:

My husband and I have enjoyed this video, immensely ?

Ashish Arman says:

Ask / believe and recieve

Ashish Arman says:

Anything i ask i recieve

Ashish Arman says:

Anything i ask i recieve

Ashish Arman says:

Believed u already recieved it

Miss Sans says:

Anything I ask I receive

Garfield Bowrin says:

Anything I asked I received!

Jason Rafael Girardi says:

Wow! This was a powerful lesson. Thanks Pastor Jake! ?❤

Rae Marie says:

The "please God me send me x,y,z" is dis-empowering and the "thank you God for x,y,z" is empowering.

Bondeana Johnson says:

This is so true……love this!!!!!!

SeriousMoonlight says:

Anything I ask,I receive.I have already received amazing financial blessings.Thank you for blessing me with more.

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