Hard Work is Not the Answer | Bob Proctor

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Juan Hernandez says:

I have a question what about hard work in Sports? Let’s say be a professional soccer player

Murali Dharmaraj says:

Thankfully from India

chad yearry says:

Thank you Bob.

lucky chicken says:

Very misleading advice

Amber Robinson says:


Daniel Bayda says:

Very true sir. Thanks for sharing

Georgiana Alexandra says:

Sir i really need to know the meaning of definite demands based upon the application of definite principles?I really need to get this equation straight in my mind. It's there something that can make me understand this phrase? I don't know what i love doing yet but the money doesn't have to be related to what you love doing but we the services…All this for me is the puzzle that i can't get it.Please help me

Georgiana Alexandra says:

What are the definite principles?

Somto Nnamani says:


Triztan 369 says:

I agree, i'll be creating abundance and lot's of money soon by doing what i love. The thing is now i'm also doing what i love that make no money, i love being lazy, sleeping long and then still taking naps,then eating nice and just watching and listening to YouTube videos. I've made a decision though that i must be committed to doing things that i love by being productive, i'm searching for it,making up my mind.

Pepe Pepper says:

Bob my name mean is Love????????????????????????

Pepe Pepper says:

Wenn you love what you working you working never again ????????its just idee genius i ask my heart me my self right now what i love ?doing? with with love,thanks you bob so much i send you much love and energy so much????????

Kurty Giménez says:

Since I found this man, now my Messias, on Youtube I have been waking up every morning at 5AM to do what I love to do before going to my office to my 9 to 5 job. I don't feel tired when getting out of bed because I enjoy doing this morning activity (studying russian and arabic) and have the energy to keep going and soon say goodbye to my office job and my boss to start my own business. Thanks Bob Proctor for changing my world.

Paula Lietke says:

True statement. I learned years ago from a successful business man. Another philosophy quote Don't chase money , money comes two you.

Sterling Lowery says:

My opinion on how to get $rich$ is more than working hard, it also involves working smarter, and working longer than your competitor.

QueensNative says:

You can't argue with Bob's logic.. Coal miners probably work harder than anyone else in the world, I doubt any of them are living in mansions or driving a Porsche though!

Danis Sings says:

I’m 15 and into all this stuff. Are there any other young people here!!??

drysilk says:

I have much to say but I will keep it simple. Thank you Bob along with your team!! ????????????????????????❤️

richard weidner says:

I love this man

Luly Memes says:

I really wish Bob could mentor me. ❤️

Zk8et says:

Thank you Mr. Proctor. ????????

Brandon Dorsey says:

This is just foolishness. Napoleon Hill died bankrupt. Telling people not to work hard is just running a con on people who are naturally lazy and are averse to hard work.

Daniel David says:

If you think long enough about what you love and put your finger on it, it'll be the last day you'll have to go to work, because you'll spend the rest of your life doing what you love; the money will follow. Ask Tony Hawk.

dee lee says:

What is your night time ritual?

Cullen Votruba says:

Great lesson Bob! I have a similar lesson on my channel. Check it out!

Ante Skojo says:

Edison is a crook who said to Tesla "mr. Tesla you dont understand american humor" therefore refusing to pay what he owed to Tesla.

Gumma Muhumza says:

Work smart not hard.

Bianca 1009 says:

I‘m grateful that this man inspires me every step I do????????

Erika K says:

When you do what you love you don't work at all… ! ♡

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