Guided Abundance Meditation | Bob Proctor

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Mindvalley says:

Get the Omvana meditation app to get even more meditations on your phone👉

Liquid Multiverse says:

Love love love

bjag12345 says:

Thank you so much Bob and Vishen.. this is moving stage to stage higher as I do this every day..🙏🙏🙏

Monika Tomaszewicz says:


1Jean Te Amo7 says:

Thank you so much bob

yolanda sanchez says:

Day 1 🙏🏻

Gerardo Ruiz says:


Andrea Manzo says:

Thank you Bob Proctor and Mindvalley for this amazing meditation. 🥰

Megg S. says:

Thanks for this, truly. It's a lovely gift.

Coach Ranjan Kumar says:

I think there's a word said by mistake at 17: 41 when Bob Proctor says 'You are going to resist… ' why should one resist? Please correct me if I am wrong in understanding it.

Elin Hoksmo says:

Love this meditation, very powerful

Holistic Leigh says:

I’m loving this one. It’s my second day doing it and I’m finally able to shift my outlook. 🙏🏻

Nicole Swartz says:

Really enjoyed this meditation and the music. Would love to train with more like this from Mindvalley 🙂

Dad Transformation Coach says:

I can't believe this has only got 12k views. This is changing my reality more than anything. It's helping me really open my eyes to what is around us. Life!

Patti M says:

I can not stay awake! I’m asleep with the count down at 6. I wake up when it’s totally over. This happens with every meditation I try. I did this one twice in one day. The second time I had to fidget and look around the room so I finished the count down but somewhere before it finished I fell asleep again. I never remember a single meditation I do. I’ve tried first thing in the morning, afternoons and evenings. It doesn’t matter. I even have it playing loudly thinking no one can fall asleep because it is loud. Well. I can and I do. I don’t know how anyone meditates with any memory of what was said. I’ve been trying to meditate for over three months, everyday, and I don’t remember a single one. When I awake, I’m not certain where I am or what day it is but that changes in a moment. Then I’m totally awake, as though I never fell asleep. When I TRY to sleep I don’t sleep as soundly and totally unaware as I do during a mediation. Too weird.

Shrikant Shridharan says:

Thanks a ton for sharing this Bob and Vishen.. I am grateful to you

Blair Anthony says:

Day 30 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️

Angela DaSilva says:

Namaste . Many blessings and light in your lovely gift.

Jas says:

Still in love with this. ♡

Naveen Kar says:

Day 1 – 3 times

Hilleen Dijkstra says:

loving this one. already 2 months every day. I'm feeling very good.

Jas says:

I felt this all the way down into my bones. Thank you and I am looking forward to doing this everyday. <3

N Nayana says:

Loved it😍

Lynda Chinelo says:

This is awesome. I just want to learn more about this meditation n going through my soul. I feel renewed each time I do the meditation Now I want manifestation. thanks

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