GETTING LOVE BACK After 6 MONTHS ?Law of Attraction Success Story of Attract Your Ex Back

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Awesome AJ says:

I pray to the Universe for you to manifest your love and have a magical love life. This is a Very Inspiring Story of Getting Love Back After 6 Months. If you are manifesting your love then you must watch this video. Like, Share & Comment if this story has inspired you. Join our Powerful 28 Magical Practice Video Program here:

Anjali Singh says:

Watching it at 13:13 ?✨??

Saranya B says:

Thank you AJ and congratulations rithika ???

Ritika Daga says:

And name of friend is Shweta Bhandari!!!

Ritika Daga says:

Thankyou AJ for your blessings and support. Thankyou awesome tribe… thankyou so much!!!!!!! ❤️ All my Love to you!!!

Ritika Daga says:

Everyone who is reading this… Trust me I have witnessed this so much and now my relationship is so perfect. AJ is blessing from God for all of us. He can do everything literally. He can get you towards your dream!

Ritika Daga says:

Ohhhhhh my god….. That's me!!!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou so much AJ❤️

Ajit Shirsawade says:

Hello Dear AJ

All your videos i like very much…

Can we perform multiple technique i.e. 2 or 3 exercise for same desire

Chaitan Gandhi says:

Amazing story Sir. I wish Ritika and her boyfriend very happy and joyful life. Sir you are improving life of so many people. You are really really Awesome. May God bless you more and more. Thank you so much for all your teaching. 🙂

Ashima Kalita says:

Hi Aj,

Can we manifest / or chant anytime , while working in office , kitchen , or when i am doing some household work or do i have to sit and chant the manifestations ?

Bharat Karlupia says:

Sir.. Please clear me one thing can i manifesting multiple choices

Tabula Rasa says:

The magic of the purple shirt! ???

Mythreyi Kumar says:

Rejection is one way of saying , universe has some other better plan for u if ur manifestation goes right he s the one and if u can't able to manifest and nothing happens dont get desperate ur loved one ine who belongs in ur life will come fa u and moreover universe will loves and supports u so dont stress urself be happy and do ur manifest always give wings for ur loved ones to fly if thy really meant fa u universe will conspire to make the wonder

Sallinja Ali says:

I have used 2 cup methods and the same had happened the very next day he called me ….Thank you AJ


Thanku so much Universe for making my love Habeeb attracted to me always…Having a very happy nd joyful relationship with my love…yes yes yes ,its done it's done it's done…Thanku Universe and God ??? AJ sir, you are my hero??

unni menon says:

Bless you Rithika.

Sita Das says:

God bless you ritika..stay happy n blessed

Aizen Grissom says:

Bless them father and blessings to their relationship. So happy for them !!!!????

Annie Anthraper says:

U r a blessing from God AJ.. u make life more liveable to countless number of people..thank u so much AJ..thank u so much universe for blessing us with abundance in everything..

Aathira S murali says:

Wishing all blessings for those who are having difficulties..Thankyou AJ for all support and positivity…❤️❤️❤️

vishnu prajapati says:

brother please you can Hindi speaking

NAVY AA says:

Aj plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz share a story of healing health issue. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz aj it's very important for me

Sonam Pachpande says:

I am also manifesting my crush my friend ??
Thank you thank you thank you ❤️

Shrabonti Goswami says:

Thank u…..????

D Jda says:

Blessings to everyone! Let go, remove negativity and watch the universe and god bless you

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