Get Your Crush in THREE DAYS – Law of attraction

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Lariat Kat says:

The possibility is three. I’m letting go of my need, my desire is there. No more lacking ☘️❤️my crush is coming to we our together, I believe . Thanks

nicole Azerty says:

so I don't need to do the 17 seconds law when i'm letting go ? cause I think letting go i letting go of the desire cause u know it's already yours. isn't that?

egle e says:

Let's see what's gonna happen 🙂 coming back in 3 days

Big Dreamer says:

I loved how clear you were during the whole talking?

Alain Patry says:

This showed up in my feed last night so I watched it over dinner, thinking the title was a bit unrealistic. But it did make me realize how I'd let go and moved on probably 80% by now, and focusing more than ever on my career and projects that I'm passionate about. This morning I woke up to a message from my ex, which she sent at 1:30am. It's casual but hey, it was nice to see that I was on her mind while everyone else is sleeping LOL – and more importantly, if you had said to me that she would message me the a few hours after watching this, I would not have believed the odds.

shebeatsbeauty ! says:

It's pretty hard to not think about him. If I want to do this….is it ok to WHEN I do think about him saying he will be back around in 3 days, obsessing to see me. Instead of telling myself NO dont think about him???? Just live in the end by saying "oh hes on his way."

margo venkateswaran says:

what if I dont know where he is right now v?

ophelia s foxx says:

I got a sign, so not a call or a text but I also haven’t let go of all the negativity or have truly let this person go. I need to work on me.

Phila EC says:

I practice non-attachment, so I am always in the "let go" process. Things come to me super easily now. I state what I want to whoever needs to hear it and I think of this person as my genie. They usually make it happen. I wanted to be on stage with a prominent speaker, and a coworker was stealing my opportunity demanding it for herself. I told my boss that it is me, and let it go. Not a care in the world (no frustration about my annoying coworker). Boom! I get selected to MC the entire show! Release it 100%, but also release your resistance (frustration, need, doubt, fear, etc). IMPORTANT*** Make sure that when you let go, you do NOT do it with the expectation or purpose that he will come back. That is not completely letting go. That is still being in need.

GK 120 says:

Pretty good. Going to try it out.

Justin M says:

My 3 days start now

lisane joseph says:

Within 3 days, It is absolutely posible. I believe he will text me tomorrow.

QTgurly953 says:

I’m going to do this!

Jesse Windsor says:

I don't even care if its three days I feel loved and important right now and its day 1. So for me the amazing feeling I have right now is so awesome I don't care when she gets in touch again because living in the moment now is amazing!

M Cote says:

Interesting that you posted a video about letting go? Probably a sign I needed. I told a friend of mine about my current situation yesterday. I told her about my crush moving to a different city and that I was sad and afraid to lose him. She made me realise that I wanted to control this relationship so badly and maybe its the reason why we are not a couple. Since yesterday, I decided to let go and stop trying to force things between us, stop being needy about the fact that I want him in my life. And now, I’m seeing this video? let’s see what happens. I am really confident, I want this relationship. If it meant to be, so I have to stop worrying

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