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Saint Mau says:

The timing of this video is perfecttt. Psychic twins giving us life ✨

Josh Cims says:

Teal Swan's grandmothers❤️

alan biernacki says:

great show! wait for the next one from this subject.

Matt Valenti says:

Definitely a lot of truth here. A combo of mindfulness and witchcraft.

Sara Katz says:

The Secret!

Katelyn Gifford says:

Ok, I really really want to believe in law of attraction and I've practiced it before. It sometimes seems like everytime I think something positive will happen it's almost the opposite. With relationships with family, dates, weight, even job interviews. I'm really not sure why that is but I've also tried to make memory boards before and I have one as my laptop screen and the same on as my phone background. I made it maybe 6 months ago now and I really want to think positive about it. If anything they are just reminders of things I might need to work on as well. But I havnt noticed one single difference. I dont know what I could be doing wrong. I don't know if anyone else is having these problem but if you are trying to think positive about yourself and your future, and truly believe you deserve good things and it doesnt come back to you then what? What next?

rigel_chip says:

Wow, good timing tbh ✨ I’ve been in such a rollercoaster of emotions and events, all of them draining my energy little by little. I need to attract good energy and vibrations into my life and this video definitely helped!! Thanks again for all your work; keep it up ☺️??✨

Marc Marshall says:

Wow i'm definitely going to look more into this and practicing this! Ever since I left high school (7 years ago) i've put off going to university and starting work because of worry… I'm scared i'll make a mistake, scared i'll end up miserable due to a wrong decision, scared i'll end up alone and not fulfilled in a place I don't like… And this dreadful mindset of worry and fear over my life and the future has been overhanging for years and not much good has really happened in my life and after watching this video, i'm pretty convinced it's due to me always being in a negative thought process.

It's definitely going to be tricky since i'm so used to always worrying and thinking about what I don't have… But i'm going to look more into this and try to make it a habit to be thankful for what I DO have (even just trying to think about this now my brain tried to block it) and see what the universe has in store 🙂

Perihan Bozkurt says:

Thanks Linda Thanks Terry for the reminder. I have manifested before and can do it again.

Lily Slipcast says:

Oh my favorite hogwash is law of attraction. Yes the reason you don't have enough money is your feelings, not the macroeconomic situation we are all in and need to collectively work on with more than happy thoughts. I mean all those laborers who died for basic living standards we enjoy might have been negative nancies but they got shit done. Well maybe the twins are right, and we just gotta hope not all the world's janitors attract millions from affirmations

Enrica Zanatta says:

Thank you beautiful ladies ?

Sophia Bustamante says:

Thank you so much for this video! ❤️

Vanessa Lee says:

Wow! You guys have no idea how much i needed this right now! Thank you ?

Sharandeep Singh says:

This video put me to a positive place when I was too negative. Thanks so much for this

Sharandeep Singh says:

This video put me to a positive place when I was too negative. Thanks so much for this

shelia says:

Hello pretty ladies! ❤
I have actually always been one of those people that practiced the law of attraction, without realizing it was a thing.
If i want something I seemed to always get it. I just use determination, hard work and never give up.
You two are awesome ❤ hugs ❤

Loise Veloso says:

Been practicing the law of attraction for years. Such a good reminder ?

Julie W says:

Love this video. Thank you ! Is something going on with YouTube? I have liked this video a bunch of times as soon as I expand the screen and go back the like is gone . Incase my like didn't count I liked it . Lol.

PeytonAlexis says:

i needed this today!

4 Hope says:

jesus jesus jesus jesus

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