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Nancy says:

Veronica. Can you make a video on HOW TO LET GO!!! Im trying your technique on how to get someone to wanr you in three days but i am having a hard time letting go. Do i visualize "living in the end" with him and immediately let go by thinking of him? No more manifesting for those 3 days? No VISUALIZING for those 3 days? Please help.

Gypsy Rain says:

My problem now is that I have truly angered my specific person so bad that hes not speaking to me at all and not responding to any of my texts and I have no idea if he has blocked my phone number. It is totally my fault that this has happened. It's been 2 years and he never asked me on a date but I never gave up. I know i pushed him too hard and i regret it. Can i still attract him back or is it too late? Have I ruined it all?

Afish says:

Guys hear me this method is working.i trying this for a while and it's absolutely working fine
Thanks again Veronica ❤

Kat Kat says:

So basically it doesn't matter what tarot says because law of attraction is stronger and can change what tarot says ????

Saunak Nandy says:

Great to see you Again Sister ❤️????????

Hélène Niëh says:

I’ve used LOA to manifest my guy for a month now, and he sometimes so close but sometimes so cold, we trapped in the terrible cycle and I don’t know what should do.
Meanwhile, 9 guys from my past reached out to me out of blue, 8 of them I met in Europe in 2018/19, most of them are just acquaintances, some of them are friends, and only one of them was my date. It’s real that the change of energy really can attract people even though they are in a different continent.

I want to thank Veronica that she made my life so positive, and I think my depression just healed without any cure. They said it takes 21 days to form a new habit, and my new habit to stay positive in most of the time of a day already lasting for a month now, so this new habit is formed and it’s mine now. Veronica is a lifesaver and a really wonderful person! Lots of love and thanks ❤️

Out of curiosity, has anyone here tried to manifest Veronica? ????
Btw, I’m a bit sad that there were only few people left in the Forum????


This kind of question may be odd but I am curious for this. So wanna ask you that clearly Veronica. Can I attract to may ex for a different kind of relationship? For example as a kind of an open relationship? (fuckbuddy etc.) Sorry for asking but I am really curious for this :))

marsha k says:

You manifested that or you bought a ticket and flew there?

Jo Jo says:

How do i manifest what i want and use the law of attraction correctly

pooja indaura says:

I love u veronica thanku…

Gloria M says:

I've been watching lot of Your videos and what I like about them is that you always say: Focus on you, not them.
It sounds weird at first, but I applied it to my ex SP, he stopped contacting me so much as he used to and at first, it was weird but as I changed my mind-set, applying this advice, I was like: Oh, whatever… when I thought about why he pull off.
I was thinking about me, and I flipped my thoughts..
As the time went by, I wasn't thinking about him at all, I was surprised cause after all, he used to call me every second day.
So, two month passed and my little ghost called, he called once I didn't saw it, and I forgot about it, then he called again, ha ha 😀
It was so funny, and I really became confident in my mind just like you said.

So, it works. People look at you different when you are powerful not patetic in relation to them. It so much better feeling then feeling down cause someone else. Try out, I am going to push myself to become even more confident. Sick of feeling bad cause someone isn't here or is acting silly.. Thank you Veronica, have fun and enjoy your trip.

live happily says:

Hai veronica , namaste from india, I have a relationship with guy since 9 years. 5 days back we broke up, now I am alone and missing him badly, your this information may help me I don't have words what my heart is feeling but I keep hope and bless me I need vibration support


You looking so beautiful dear

Anahía Martinez Aliaga says:

Veronica, i'm glad you're back with this new video and happy with your dream manifestation!

I have a question for you: ¿how to change your mood and attitude when you feel really down?

I've been working towards my manifestations…but at some point now, after realizing that my sp's aren't responding in a way that i expected, and my career and job aren't advancing, i feel stuck and depressed and i'm questioning my worth and mindset.

If you can adress that in a video (how to change your "mood" or vibe to align) i will really appreciate it!
Thank u and have a nice trip!

AquaApp App says:

Luv your glasses❤️ thanks for this video????????❤️

ThereIsHope says:

I am so glad you are back! It seemed like an eternity without you! I was having Veronica withdrawal haha

Mi Ci says:

Coolest thing I’ve seen all day??????Veronica in cat eye sunglasses in front of a castle!! Awesome..???? ????

Bhoot says:

I'm lucky coz I have you Veronica ????

Nicole Chisholm says:

So lucky! I always wanted to visit England! Enjoy your time there!

Aman Singh says:

hey Mam thankuu for your help and replies I was getting good results but again I became soo desperate about her and will she text me and now m thinking she won't text me FIRST and that happend… How can I let go of this fear

Ma Sc says:

???????? E N J O Y ????
???? ????V E R O N I C A ????????

Allison Theissen says:

I manifested $577 today! ???? Out of nowhere! I keep manifesting movies on TV and music on the radio …????

Jairus Lovell says:

I’m a big fan of Henry VIII. So now this is one of my favorite videos of yours!!!

Portia Chili says:

Thank you Veronica for clarity in this video. I think my desire is too strong that I don't allow it to manifest, therefore it drains me. My sister manifested her ex and she wasn't even trying. And here I am, trying everything, meditations, visualisation, scripting, lol, its so funny when I think about it. Yesterday I decided to pull out cause this is now ruining my life. I don't think I want to do anything anymore, I'm tired. I just want to go out with my friends, have fun and forget relationships for a while.

Melissa Rose says:

Thank you Veronica! <3

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