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Proctor Gallagher Institute says:

Join us in LA and UPGRADE YOUR LIFE! Register here:


Mr. Bob Protector thanks You ?❤??????❤?❤???✨??

Revelation illustration says:

I'll be having dinner with you next month on my birthday

aradhya shrivastava says:

Reduce th price for students.

Marion Lewis says:

Mann really feel inspired by looking at his videos,,,luv em keep em coming?

SuperStaticGamer says:

Bobs the man

Samuele D'Amico says:

I love you Bob I have faith that one day I will have the money to come to 1 of your seminars. I will.

dted9703 says:

If you would really have something valuable to teach us and it would be really but really valuable, it would be for free, why would you charge this? I respect you a lot and I have watched most of your videos but I am sick of this way of making business and probably, how you made most of your money.

Jonathan 21 says:

okay Bob * _ * preach the truth. words have major impact on altering someone's mind. it's the choice of words that immensely influence our cognition in a positive way

Golden Nugget says:

2:41 why did it skip at the most important part?

Derek Price says:

I have a serious question for you bob?

Is there any chance you could do a video based around your book library i see in many of your videos that you sit in front of on your desk, i am fascinated by the wealth of knowledge you have on them shelves and would love to see and hear about all of the inspirational books you have collected over the years, what are your most go to books (besides Think and Grow Rich), books that will help people grow on the Law of Attraction path and must have books for any type of practitioner of the Law of Attraction,

This video would be a gold mine for people like me just starting on their Law of Attraction books collection, i have 11 books already (including Think and Grow Rich and your book You Where Born Rich) and i am sure there are a lot more valuable books that i could add to my collection with your inspiration.

Thank you for this seriously amazing content you provide here on youtube, you SIR are an inspiration to everyone 🙂

Katie Kyle says:

How can I stream it?

Finding Awesome says:

Thank you, thank you! Always an inspiration! ?✨

Chris Invests - Personal Finance Videos says:

You must take ACTION! Thank you for the inspiration Bob ??

Blue lipped warrior says:

I want a change

Brent T says:

Looks very relaxing Mr. Proctor! Are you coming to Dallas anytime?

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