Get a Person to LOVE *You* NOW – Law of attraction

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Maraj Onika says:

So what do i need go to can somebody sum up for me or Veronica would you like to write it?

Nisha Sharma says:

Hope you are doing well mam n recovered from ur surgery Blessings to you n 2 ur whole tribe ?

Gamer Belgium says:

What if that other person thinks the same? Then none of the two searches contact? :p cause i want a girl that is the hard to get type and 'the boy has to take the first step' type and i'm just a quiet boy. She was on my bus but she played so much hard to get that I didn't like it. But still, I can't forget her and I desire her. I hate it 🙁

Queen Karma says:

I am trying to do this and it keeps backfiring on me… Not sure what I'm doing wrong…

Mindy Lutchman says:

Veronica it's a long distance relationship .
But what about if he like to flirting with other women.
Can you make a video about that.
Thank you



Karishma Agrawal says:

My ex's girlfriend don't let him to talk to me or come close to me and somewhere I know he still loves me please make a video on this situation

Dermot Gannon says:

Looking awesome

Sunny O. says:

This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear at this very moment! Thank you Veronica! I've been blaming a possible 3rd party which might not even be a third party, but I am thinking and obsessing over this. Instead of shifting the attention towards me. Thank you so much!!! I am important.

Karishma Agrawal says:

Loads of love Vironica ❤️

Deny P says:

I love allllll of me…..

india says:

I can imagine my date with my SP right now, even if we haven’t spoken in a few days

every thing says:

Hello Veronica I'm so happy to see you upload again!!!

Mi Ci says:

Yay Veronica is back!! ?????

Ayush Rohilla says:

Please upload fast ?

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