Get A Commitment for Marriage with These 5 Easy Law of Attraction Tips

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Aligned Astro-tarot says:

Get in the now. Breathe
Be mysterious. Keep doors locked
One day at a time
Always be closing

Aligned Astro-tarot says:


Jai Sri says:

Thank you so much sir.thank you so much universe…

Cake Walk says:


Mi Ci says:

Looking great, Mr. Zink..healthy and happy!! ?

Karen L says:

As always…awesome video Robert! Thank you for all you do! ????

Ankita Mukherjee says:

Thank you so much

Farah Khalid says:

i am at commitment level…but he is not…we r on twin flame journey… hw to take him to that level

Abhilash K Purushothaman says:

I'm having a happy and joyful relationship with my love Arsha
I'm happily and joyfully getting married to my love Arsha
With the blessing of God,universe,parents,Friends and relatives

I'm sorry Arsha
Please forgive me Arsha
Thank you Arsha
I love's you Arsha

Abhilash K Purushothaman says:

I'm manifesting my
Love /soulmate/twin flame
Arsha into my life forever

Thank you sir for this wonderful video

I'm committed to my arsha

I want arsha back into my life forever
I love her

Thank you God
Thank you Universe
Thank you parents of arsha

For giving my arsha into my life

Wishes and prayers for every viewers to get their desire done

Please wish and pray for me to get my love arsha back into my life

Love from India kerala

Shahram Khayam says:

A million thanks, Robert! You are the best! We love you guys!

Mona Mon says:

Number 3 ) “Be mysterious ,dont open all the doors until you receive commitment” can somebody explain this to me better what does it mean exactly please ?

Krista Erykah says:

I saw 666, 777 and 999 back to back yesterday while driving home on wednesday. What does this mean?

Krista Erykah says:

Robert I gotta say, you've been uploading videos all week and they are all exactly what i needed. Thank you so much!

Irene Mbula says:

I found this at 1:11, and it happens this is what I want

Nobody says:

I tried that method with the shower to wash off negative thoughts and really works!❤❤❤

Esha Malpathak says:

Which affirmation should we write?

Katherin Katherin says:


anannya tripathi says:

But u said 777 is technique for love and Abundance then y u suggested 333 to follow …tell me plzz

Màstí Vínes says:

'Dr.Strange' of YouTube!!!

Anne Klo says:

Thank you 🙂

Helan Helin says:

This is for me!!!
Thank you Ji for the right time advice!!!
My marriage going to happen soon with my Mr. !!!

Dani R says:

I love this, thank you!!

Eng Tuna says:


Follow Your Rainbow Debarati says:

Waoooooo speechless ??? what a mervalous suggestion Robert SIR ??? ? NAMASTE from INDIA ?? bcoz You absolutely deserves it ????❤️❤️❤️?????????

♍ ♌ SuperWolfgirl86 ♋ ♎ says:

Things have changed since I have been doing these for the last 6 months and its amazing! I have received many great conversations and connections now.

Iris Alvarado says:

Yes! You deseve it too Have a great day?

Iris Alvarado says:


tracy grant says:

I am so inspired. Thank you robert continue to bring all these laws of attraction and i am seeing progress in my life since i am hooked on your videos every day.

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