Get a BIG Idea, Get Motivated, And Take ACTION! | Bob Proctor (@bobproctorLIVE) | #Entspresso

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Jas says:

I need to apply the 5:95 to my whole day. I'll write down my goals for the next day tonight. 🙂

Iulian Chivu says:

I should apply this rule with all the opportunities that are in my way no more overthinking

Muhammadaskani Askani says:

keep goning

Paul Laurentiu Homonea says:

I can relate to this. A lot of ideas but thought to much and I started to come up with excuses and never took action.

Tueluz zaman says:

Action Action Action says:

Yikes! This is for ME!
I need to start my You Tube channel. I've been seriously thinking about it for four months.

Ugh! Okay. Ugh. Here goes. Good, bad, or ugly. I'm shooting it TONIGHT. Ughh

UPDATE 9:32 pm
1st video shoot: DONE!

doulie says:

How successful was your show that you spent 5% planning? Did it meet all your original goals?

Sam Finance Tech says:

Take action. So important

Happy Facts Lifestyle says:

Really interesting. I didn't know he worked with Earl Nightingale. Learn something new everyday 😀

Lucia Napolez says:

One action I need to do now is to create time on my weekly planner for projects that I keep reminding myself about.

It’s frustrating some days because I have the momentum one day and then the next it goes away.

LYFElyne says:

Taking massive action is equal parts raw motivation, and the ability to push through even when you're not motivated 👌👍

Rishi says:

Now. Full stop.


wow! This is amazing.
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50something Original says:

5% planning 95% doing LOVE IT! I'm in the mist of grinding Evan. Age is just a number; perfection is not what I'm after; completion is my goal; my actions are matching my ambitions. Commit to someone immediately. If you're reading my comment also. LETS GO!

Don James Samy says:

Awesome video message. Thank you Evan👍

Mieka Fasting Weight Loss says:

Excellent video love Bob! Starting my day with Evan in 2019 as a habit.

Carol Butcher says:

Wow!! Evan💞. It really helped to understand what happens after those great ideas. I was a Nightingale-Conant listener back in the day!! May still have some cassette tapes. Evan, your subjects and videos are awesome!! GOD bless you and your family!!!!

R Yaghna Raman Santhosh says:

#BTA 8

Stephen Harris says:

#evancarmichael. One of your best videos!

samspace81 says:

I've got an idea for a new series on my channel. When I was HOT mentally I put the wheels in motion on it. It's so easy to plan and plan, harder to do and do. I'd rather have a so so 1st episode than plan too long and miss my window. Remember, there is always someone else that will do what you are planning to do.

JJ Buckner says:

Don’t live just an original life. Do that one thing you have always wanted to do. Seriously, Just do it.

Matthew Robinson says:

I need to apply this to my exam revision!!

Ishita Ganguly says:

Evan each one of your video is amazing! I am an aspiring singer so I am taking music lessons & improvising myself. I also want to be a writer so this year I had written an article which got published in a newspaper. I am inspired now to take more actions towards my goals! 5/95 plan is the BEST plan for me! Cheers!😊👍

Inspired living. says:

Evan sir Give us a video that should kick start our 2019 like a 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Teampo Life Mystery says:

there are plenty of ways that we can choose the ideal ones to apply in our lives I decided to start working on my youtube channel here are some of mine check out it worth to watch. I've learned alot from Evan's channel well done! keep going on that!

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