Escape The Willpower Trap. Subconscious Mind Power, Law of Attraction

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Growing Forever says:

Thank you for sharing this video, and thank you for watching Growing Forever.

Frank Sperandeo says:

This is great. Is it part of larger work?

Timothy Appleseed says:

Excellent points. Thank you.
I'd like to add that will power is not (necessarily) something you have to muster up from within like pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. But rather it's simply a matter of willingness.
For example, God didn't say, "Make there be light". He said, "Let there be light". Or are you willing to beat your husband? Apparently some are. Are you willing to stay broke? Apparently some are. Are you willing to work hard (smart) at something you believe in? , etc.

Haq ishy says:

Great info! Keep wi ning guys!


Thank you for this great video! ?

Nether Star says:

Great info, thank you.

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