Easy Trick to MANIFEST ANYTHING – Law of attraction

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Emmy Corinne says:

Ohhh your skin is amazing!

Jack Johnson says:

Correct info!

Anjali yadav says:

Can i manifest my man in my life if he is happy enough without me .. and i have done no contact rule for 1 month plz help what should i do

Lax ALEX says:

Thank you im grateful for this

Karishma Agrawal says:

Hey Vironica, I stay very relaxed and positive when I think about my SP, but ppls in my life who have nothing to do with my relationship, keeps telling negative stuffs about me and my specific person, I block those ppls but those words keep reminding me of my past so please help me, what can I do now?

Gracie Ambrósio says:

Hi, what do you do for living? Are you a teacher or coah?

Gracie Ambrósio says:

When the little girl went in the water ,I wish I was her ,but I'm at the office lol

Gracie Ambrósio says:

Good looking hun

Hema Nathwani says:

Yes I really will receive n get what I desire. Thank u so much for giving us faith ????

Transurfing Through says:

Pls make a video of how to go from fear to belief?

prem says:

Hi Veronica, really a lovely day for me, actually i got an interview call , just a minute before i saw this post of your…. Wow, i feel that job is for me… ????

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