Easy Step by Step Law of Attraction | How to use Scripting to Manifest Your Dream Life

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Tivona says:

???? ???? I love your videos. So glad I subscribed

Ryann Mayo says:


Leo love Gemini says:

Sooooo beautiful!!

TeeRunTheWorld says:

Oops I forgot my ????????????????????????

Clarissa Alexandria says:

You have truly inspired me on my journey ????. Thank you!????????

TeeRunTheWorld says:

Sis! I am so in love with this channel! It’s right on time with my spiritual journey and it’s refreshing to see Gods confirmation for everything I’m learning! ????✨

LuvLynx says:

Ok, first I would like to acknowledge your beauty within and thank you for this beautiful, necessary message. I was amazed by how you gave specific details on what to do for our manifestations to be unfolded. I looked over at a paper I hung up to see daily of my desires and realized that I wrote a lot of "I will" and had to change them to "I am" and felt amazing saying them with so much confidence!! Again, thank you for your genuineness and you get ???????????????????? for assisting in changing my life ???????? Remain Blessed and ✨

Tatyana Cnè says:


Kevin H says:

Every time I get notification of a new video from you it puts a BIG smile on my face! Thank you for all of your videos! I could listen to you talk about The Law of Attraction all day! I will be ordering a journal tonight ????????

Finest Trini says:

???? great information, thank you for sharing ????

Farah Pierre says:


Chanel P says:

Great Video! Scripting is very powerful. ????

Sherrhonda’s Asé says:

I’ve been feeling a bit down when it comes to the LOA. It hasn’t been working for me but I know it’s because of my own thoughts. I need to learn how to get out of my own way. I need to stop being so pessimistic. It’s hard with what my current reality looks like, but I’m going to try this + affirmations. Oooh, just got an idea! I’m going to try script that I’m more optimistic, that the LOA works for me and I know which methods are best for me and my manifestations. I’m going to try that first and when I see the results of that then I’ll move on to the “bigger” stuff.

I’m particular about my pens too. I make sure I get the refills. I like the Pilot G-2 pens. I think I’m going to light a candle because of what fire represents. I do need to incorporate music and definitely need to honor my ancestors, my cosmic crew (spirit guides, angels) and Beloved-Spirit (God) I’m usually trying to manifest something that I need but don’t see how I can receive it so I become anxious. I need to be more confident with my scripting and affirmations. Instead of thinking “let’s see if this work” I need to think “let’s watch this work for me!” Cause that desperate energy was me.

Do you script for more than one thing at a time or do you focus on one at a time?


Sherrhonda’s Asé says:

Haven’t watched the video yet, but I’m so here for your channel’s growth. I make sure I watch the ads, like the videos and all of that! Currently watching a three minute ad because sis, get ya coins! ????

Jailyn Neville says:

Thank you for sharing this! You are really helping me with my spiritual/life journey.


???????????????????????????????? ????????

Pretty Brown says:

I love this!! Scripting is amazing ????


Love this video! Scripting is so powerful! Your subconscious mind is limitless!

Summerbeeuty says:

You’re so pretty. Thank you for your vids ????

N. McClure says:

✍???????????????? your amazing. Thank you

Dom C says:

Do you use subliminals?

Nae Williams says:

I haven’t watched all of the video yet, but I wanted to comment first to say thank you for sharing. Because of your tips (& God) I was able to manifest the current job offer that I received offering well over the amount that I had scripted. Scripting really helped me be clear about what I want for my life. It was fun and it boosted my faith (I feel like I sound crazy) but I literally wrote how I envisioned my life and it literally started unfolding within weeks.I am glad to be handing in my letter of resignation tomorrow and it all happened before my August 1 date. Thank you so much! I just wanted to share my little testimony ????????

saviex says:

Thank you for this ????

saviex says:


T. Monique TV says:

Yassss I really need this video in my life ????

CopperColoredLifestyle94 says:

OMG!!! I honestly thought I was the only person who did this. I have a notebook that I write in with my special purple pen. I usually burn sage. Everyday on my lunch break, I go out in the forested area behind my job and I create my verbal manifestations. I gave my husband a hug and rubbed my pregnant belly last night. ???? I’m not playing. It’s mine. I’ve always done these types of manifestations. ???????????? you look beautiful as usual. Sending you positive energy.

athena & the cosmos says:

I'm so excited to watch this video and try this! I've learned so much from you <3

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