Don't Be A Quitter! | Bob Proctor

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Proctor Gallagher Institute says:

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Layonie Jae says:

Yes it was such a great idea!! We become what we think about, I’ve just got to work but I will be thinking about this all morning. I can’t wait for my big break with my YouTube channel and I will NEVER QUIT!!! ????

Khotso Bogacvwi says:

Love it! ❤️????????????

Inspiration Heat says:

Is there an affiliate program for this?

Wayne DeCunha says:

If u ever have to quit, quit when ur at the peak. Never quit just because your tired of paying the price

Jewels of Gina says:

Precious mind

Lamar Brown says:

Bob Proctor is Like the Father And Mentor that I never had. I Love You Bob❤️????⚛️????????????

khadija mohammadi says:

I love receiving messages from you early in the morning, they mean the whole world to me and thank you so much for these motivational videos…..specially this one. Quitting is not an option when the going gets tough.

Mariam Gregory says:

Ohh wowww,, source is talking to me through ya Bob,,, xxxx

The Technician says:

Thanks bob!!

jyoungerification says:

Almost used the Q word before I saw this ????????????????????????

saraswati saraswati says:

i will not stop paddling …thank u so much ….. ????????????????????u r my guru…..thank you.

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