Do you believe in The Secret & The Law of Attraction?

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Amy says:

Consistency is something that I've struggled with for the longest time now when it comes to putting in the effort. If anyone here has any input or advice, what would you say is the best way to avoid "the rut" as I would call it?

glamdawling says:

Putting out positive energy is like one of the basic rules of functions in math. Input = Output

Addy says:

Yes I have experienced the law of attraction in action like most people. It's an ongoing thing though like if want to stay healthy you need to keep eating healthy to become healthy. It has to become a habit to keep consistent results and that's where the work comes in when reversing bad habits to establish new habits. Retrain your desire muscle.

Yaacov says:

luck + positiveness + hard work = better chance of success

Linda Raka says:

How do you stay so positive when everything could go wrong? I feel like when I’m most happy something happens to ruin that joy I’m feeling

cadavison says:

If you have to believe in something, that means it isn't real. Real things you don't have to believe in. Do you "believe" in giraffes? Clouds? The metaphysical concept of shame? No, because these things are real.

Robert Pepe says:

Power of Positive Thinking and a HUGE dose of Hard Work will get you where you want to go!

Forever Faith says:

I like your point of view on this ?❤️

Antonella Picollo says:

I totally agree. I think if you have a positive attitude and a good amount of self-confidence, you can take the opportunities, that otherwise you can't see. With the same traits, you can attract like minded people and maybe collaborate.

Michelle Driver says:

The Secret is basically a watered-down version of the Law Of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks … they believe that you act on inspired action, and that the inspiration to act is in itself a manifestation brought about by the Law Of Attraction 🙂

Zuzana S says:

My mother always says – "Pray to God, but row to shore." So believe/stay positive and do the thing. ?

lovely kid JAPAN says:

I believe in LOA! It's the positive feeling, allow the ways coming to your way! Absolutely agree

Brady Ancheta says:

beautifully said i feel the exact same way

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