DO THIS EVERYDAY | Law of Attraction Techniques That Work!

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Mary Kate says:

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Abraham Jerri says:

Another great video! I’m inspired to start learning a new language during this quarantine period.😊

Aaron CP says:

you are the most beautiful woman i've ever seen, every time i watch ur videos , you make my heart leap

Attual Rai Chand says:

I got to Spain early Feb and everyone I met wanted to practise speaking English. Come for Las Fallas. Jajajaja. Wonderful video – people some fab advice here.

Jesus Garcia says:

si en algun momento quieres practicar español, yo te puedo ayudar

razzy p says:

Love it Mary Kate.. especially the bridge part of identifying your limiting beliefs then letting them go!
Love your clearly blocks what you want.
Oh yeah!

Manuela Alexe says:

I always hear say is good to listen affirmations when we sleep like reprogram your mind… ok but then how can I be connected with this affirmations?

Lilacjewel says:

Is Babbel free?

Voilet AA AA says:

I wanna ask something,
I am doing a lot of things for manifestation, doing meditation ,journal, vision, and seeing alot of vedios to gain knowledge of it ,but something I have is my family and parents who are unaware of the LOA and the are toxic and negative and prejudice and it's sometimes makes me angry and doubt I haven't seen my manifestation physically.
But I saw I manifested alot of things when I wasn't aware of the LOA.
What I need to be clear from there negative opinions and energy ?
I am doing my meditation everyday ,journaling everyday, visualising everyday.

Avinassae meka says:

Really appreciate you right time Right video really I believe it is for me.Thanks a lot Maam

Farhad Kazemi says:

Cute 😊 …and of course good advice as well.

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