DM6-Solaris (ho’ oponopono) Hawaiian style

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Dean Pondoc says:

Thank you for the discoveries! Happy new year!

Patrick Scott says:

People need too much validation for what they bought, and then tie their persona to an object. You point out issues with an object and people take it personally. You gotta make peace with that some people are just assholes. I still slip up and call them out instead of walking away at times. Good on you for stepping up.

Happy New Year. Eat them buckwheat noodles, and break with the past!

Hung Dang says:

I turned on the notification for your channel only. Keep creating the awesome video as always. Happy new year bro.

navin babji says:

Hmmmm….so Mr. Angry Young Man that we all loved to watch will now be gone….???

Delroy Wallace says:

Absolutely spot on BGGAR and I appreciate your honesty..
Awesome video as usual 👍👍

mikeohuo says:

As long as your set makes you happy and plays the music to your taste, fuck all the haters. (8 looks like we will see a hawaiigoodboy in 2019

Jeff J says:

It’s not about gear.
It’s about the journey
Happy New Year brother

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