Divine Manifestation : The Secret to the Law of Attraction NO ONE TALKS ABOUT

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Wyclife Nguleka says:

Me I try nothing works I try minifesting money doesn't work

kayla faolin says:

We are immortal spiritual beings

kayla faolin says:

Magic is real

Bowski Calhoun says:

Hi arron, quick question a little off topic. Why is courage so low/mid on the scale? I imagine courage being a pretty high vibration. When someone finds the strength to jump out a airplane, ask out the cheerleader, leave an abusive relationship, take a psychedelic, etc etc. It's seems nothing less than magic someone can break the wall of their own limits regardless of the feared consequence. Just seems to me it would be higher. Any insight?

kayla faolin says:

We are multidimensional beings having a human experience

Mymona Ballim says:

You are love and light, the divine is within, part of the whole and the whole , God in all we do…

Rebecca Deschenes says:

?LOVed Your video on Divine Manifestations❗I mean it Im going through some stuff in my Life & every time I watch your video …. I Feel the LOVe YOU are sending my way❗ ?????? so I Thank YOU SOOOO MUCh aaron ??I want to fly on the HIgh plains too❗Im going to achieve this with your help ….??

Maria Matthews says:

Could you talk about new moon energies and all that?

Lish Vigil says:

Aaron, you were on ??! Thank you for adding value to my life today!

Ssdfggh Sttuujkk says:

how to realise you are light? and do more videos on kriya yoga and how you are able to solve ancient mystical puzzles of reality and life we as a community also like to share our dlfindings with you.

Floraa Gladys says:

Thank you for the continuous Efforts and the sacrifice towards this… Blessings

savanna love says:

We are all connected. ✨?

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