Develop Your Imagination

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Proctor Gallagher Institute says:

Pin point your vision with this free Vision Statement statement >

Lotus Flower Yoga says:

You are wonderful 🙏thank you for sharing your knowledge to the world!

Kimberly Lockett says:

Thank you for this video!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless

B H says:

Fake it till you make it!

B H says:

Everyone else is in control of me. Not me! Someone else has to make me happy.. It's never my fault.. You told me to do it.. Where are they going to put my job next.. That rude person made me feel like this.. Don't you see, it's them! You just don't get it!

Daniela says:

Thanks a lot!!!!

Claudia Ester Duarte de Souza says:

The videos are amazing. But you could put subtitle options. I'm learning English, but I speak Portuguese.

Abdulmuti Asiri says:

Great video, and greater message.

stephen shiels says:

I love meditation it has changed my brain in a positive way.

Foolish Fire says:

Wise old man

El dinero Major says:

I first viewed this video around 1.5 years ago. I can honestly say that bobs videos planted the seed in my mind that eventually led to me starting my own LLC. Always be aware of your vibration.. keep a beautiful self image of yourself. Everything else will follow 😀

drweetabix says:

God bless your stauner

Kevin Fonseca Romero says:

Soy un fiel seguidor desde hace menos de un mes, escucho a este hombre y mueve en mi vida un conjunto de emociones que me llenan de emoción los pocos videos que he logrado escuchar en español y subtitulados han sido necesarios para motivar mi vida, orientar mi camino.
Por favor piesen en el público latino así sea subtitular los videos tengo hambre de conocer de saber más y más pero aun no hablo su hidioma, quiero ser grande en la vida y este canal me ha ayudado mucho los pocos 4 videos que he visto los repito a cada momento que tengo, gracias Bop Proctor y espero tengan en cuenta esto, por que no ser el yo quien trasmita ese conocimiento en mi país Colombia … Gracias

Twenty-Thousand Hertz says:

My life is saved

Erika vega says:


Riffat Nadeem says:

O my gosh! Beautiful! Sublime!

Meisam Safari says:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. — Albert Einstein

youdhi says:

I feel like Bob was talking to me directly while watching it. I got so emotional and was crying while watching this video. . . That moment I DECIDED to change my life, refused my current situation, and gonna change to the life I imagine. First step has done. I immediately click to his website and put my name in it so someone will contact me. I know the rest is the story . . . We are so lucky to have Bob to teach us all about this.

Vishal Jain says:

Again an amazing video Sir!!

Colin Markin says:

After Re-reading the chapter in T&GR re the difference between Synthetic imagination and Creative Imagination it led me to this. Great Stuff…"Enjoy the Ride"…

Harry TM says:

Am i the only atheist here?🤔

Deep Sanghvi says:

Why things go and happened opposite of what we imagine !?

Virgilia Pamutongan says:

Wattah wonder full idea. 😊 tnx.

asal magar says:

You're amazing bob

Entrepreneur_87 says:

Love this video and really happy I have never believed in the education system from day one 🙂
Otherwise I would never be that courageous to follow my imagination of an amazing life. People used to label me as weird, stupid, crazy to drop out of high school and build a life I believed in.

Life is awesome and live your own amazing life 🙂

Cristina Anit Sirc says:

Eres un maravilloso ser Bob.
Thanks from my 💚

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