CRAZY Two Cup Method Law Of Attraction Technique

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Jade Valentine says:

Do you believe in the law of attraction? ?

Stefania Laganà says:

Beautiful girl!!!!!! New subscribed !!! If you want to pass, I have a channel too ???

deerheartedmama says:

Your hair is so lovely. ?

Arreisza Zamoa says:

very interesting to know about this law of attraction, I might try this.

Carl Lamonio says:

1. You are stunning
2. Did this work

Black Girl Entrepreneur says:

I LOVE THIS!!! gonna do this tonight. and them nails tho! thats all i was looking at when you were pouring cthu!!! go get yo range rover honey!!??

Gee & Alex says:

awesome video! x

BibiSims says:

I love your channel ? amazing job? keep it up and please check my creations ?

Rockstar Self-Improvement says:

Thanks Jade! You've got me wanting to do this method ; )

Sahar Ameen says:

yessss love this and your channel!!! would love to be yt friends ❤️❤️

Get Dance says:

oh wow never heard of that, thank you for explaining ?

Azania Love says:

Well we’re we rolling in the new whip..???

Azania Love says:

I tried this it never worked for me …?. Why Jade why????

Bond Elixer says:

Wow.. AwesomE

#Hopefully U can visit MINE too. TQ??????

Asiah Unique says:

Never heard of this .. interesting

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