Could This Simple Law Of Attraction Meditation Be The Secret You’ve Looking For?

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Comments says:

I love you: Thumbs up if you want more in-depth practical training just like this.

Antonia K Moore says:

Love your necklace.

Kyle P says:

Thank you so much this was great❤✊💪

hintosmom says:

Love you too Gavin. Thank you

Silvana Lazic says:

I love you and Thank you for your videos, thank you for your smile, thank you for the joy that emanates from you. I wish you a lot of success, a lot of money, good health … and even more laughter and joy.

Tenisha Robinson says:

I LOVEYou!! ❤️

priscilla richards says:

Thank you I really needed this video😊🤗

TE Anderson says:

I love you ,thanks Gavin

kendra ferrell says:

I love you..its normal

ARYE says:

I love you too brother!

Farah Blaze says:


EK P-G says:


Kirsty Bartolo says:

i love you too! 😊

Stae Fearless says:

I love you ❤️😄

Paula Burns says:

Downloaded!!! Thank you for this video💫✨ Love you Gavin…this meditation 🧘🏼‍♀️ is powerful.

Janelle Stephens says:


yousef als says:

wow i felt so good after this! powerful stuff!!

cheryl Dawson says:

Thankyou 😙😙😙
Love you xx

MsTracyTwo says:


Sage Lynn says:

U da best man 💖🕺🏽✨

Byleika Otano says:

Thank you, bless your kind soul♡

quetta sanders says:

I love you seriously!!!!

Keeva Chase says:

I love you…. Beautiful beautiful 🙂

rrandomvideozz says:

Added to my playlist " LAW OF ATTRACTION rrandomvideozz " .

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