Bob Proctor – You We’re Born Rich – Seminar Part 3

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Awareness says:

This is without exception the best Seminar on Self-Development available in ether.
I am watching this for 6 years every day. Man, it is so deep. Parts of it are life changing. Paradigm is nasty **** cker but you can beat it with help of Bob.

preshutchins says:

@40:50 "You know what our problem is? We're growing into a oak tree one day…a carrot the next… Uhhh maple tree the following day" LMBAO 😂😂😂😂

MrFunky2cool says:

Thanks for sharing this video and the link. It has been a real eye opener!! Been doing the six minutes to succes course and that too has been really amazing.

Beasley Bangorz says:

"We've been conned folks."

J says:

This guy is a master.

Jay One says:

I love Mr Bob Proctor

Blue Sky says:

Wow this is amazing.. Thank you

Mr. says:

Bob "Phenomenal" Proctor

Pnini Shidlovsky says:

when I was listening to it. I found on the floor in the mall 200 shekels

Pnini Shidlovsky says:

the best!!!!

Utkarsh Chauhan says:

Loved Theodore Roosevelt's epitaph @ 13:15. Although I somehow get the idea hidden behind these lines. I'd really appreciate if anyone could explain it in a bit more detail. Thanks in advance.

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