Bob Proctor – Top 5 Rules For Success

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Active Confidence says:

“Am I living the way I really want to live?” A superb way to begin the weekend. The hustle continues. Keep at it everyone! ⭐️??

Authentic Self Guide says:

Work on expanding your awareness. That will change everything ??

NaturalSprings says:

Thank you Gavin.

Project Eli says:

. Simple Success Formula
When you examine the habits of successful people you might think that there are several different ways to reach the promised land we call success. When you speak to that successful 5%er, however, you find that they virtually have all used the same formula. Volumes have been written on this subject beginning with the Bible and continuing to the present day. The formula is ALWAYS the same.
1) You must have a dream and become obsessed with it. Your dream must have no limitations. The first law of the universe is order. Anything that has ever been invented started with a dream. The components of progress have always been there. A computer could have been built in the year 1 if the knowledge necessary to build it had been put in its proper order.

2) You must have a vision of your dream and spend time every day seeing yourself already accomplishing that dream as if you have already accomplished it.

3) Your vision must be positive. For example, you must want to be wealthy instead wanting to get out of debt.

4) You must make a “rough draft” game plan to begin. You don’t need to know every detail that will bring you to the culmination of your dream. The key is to get off the starting line. Just as you get into your car and stop at red lights, you must anticipate that your journey will not be green lights all the way to your destination. There will be pot holes and detours.

5) You must learn to make failure your teacher and not your undertaker. Failure is feedback. Adjust your plan as necessary. You must be so focused on your long-term goal that short-term disappointments do not derail you.

6) You must understand that there is a gestation period for achievement. A pregnancy takes nine months. Don’t ask to see the baby after five months. The challenge is that you don’t know how long it will take to achieve your goal, so you must be “patiently impatient” until the gestation period is complete.

7) Your mindset must understand that there is no such thing as a problem. There are only “unsolved opportunities.” Your mindset must include keeping a positive attitude and an understanding that from every negative there also emerges a positive seed.

8) You must seek to minimize your learning curve by pursuing the specialized knowledge you need through mentors if possible and by trial and error when necessary.

9) You must have faith that a continued laser focus on your objective will generate ideas from unknown sources to help you accomplish your goal. When you have a laser focus you will find that the Universe will help you to put things in their proper order.

10) You must have discipline with good habits. Successful people know that you first form habits and then habits form you.

There are two major issues that we must overcome. First, most people live in a state of complacency. People stop dreaming and then they climb on board of the treadmill of mediocrity. They do not recognize that their current actions will not lead them where they want to be financially. We have already proven historically, by the numbers, that their plan is destined for failure. They believe the earth is flat. People that don’t know how to be successful have lost hope and passion. The second issue is that our education system does not teach people HOW to conceive, plan and achieve goals. There is no coaching. Virtually all people only associate with people that think and act the same way that they think and act. Their friends and associates are incapable of giving positive direction because they too, being 95%ers, are convinced that their “game plan” will work. This peer reinforcement is the plague that infects us with terminal poverty…Eli's dad

Austin Read says:

Much love Gavin thanks for sharing ❤????

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