Bob Proctor – Change your PARADIGM – #MentorMeBob

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Evan Carmichael says:

Check out my NEWEST video:

Mosi Njoroge says:

change the gadaamn Paradigm…

Sheila Hollingsworth says:

Evans, you are smart enough to get such an honorable rich man, and add him to your arsenal! He is explosive in wisdom! Lord, please let me conquer the principles and guidance of Mr Proctor, and, I will teach my children, children, and, on down the line! You are so kind, Mr. Evans to present this example of, Spiritual, and, physical, Wealth! And, God Has Blessed his Health! Amen, Lord!

Bonka Hermit aka INTJudge says:

Great reiterating and magnifications of points of the video expressing his 50 points of life changing techniques. Thanks again for another great presentation

Linda Gallagher says:

Absolutely great, Bob is terrific

Ivan Muniz-Brown says:

Bob is so much better than all the rest in that business. A league of his own indeed … . Thank you Bob.

Playgirl B says:

Im going to change my thinking so I can change my life.

Arleen Wright says:

Wow… When he speaks soon after he describes what I been through… Especially the part when you d something yet no idea how lol :)…!

Greivin Mena says:

Before watching this I was like "ok, now I need to know how to change and form a new paradigm?" And there you have it, right there in the video. Shortest yet the most effective search in my life:

How is the paradigm form?
Through the repetition of information

How is the paradigm changed?
Through the repetition of information

Sandra VI says:

Number 3 – if we don’t change the paradigm, we can change thinking and nothing will really change !! Totally aware of that 👍 . And paradigm is changing with repetition of information !!

Lynn Eyland says:

I would love to get a tape to play over and over like Bob's did! I am going to look into that!
I love this guy!!!!
Lynn Eyland

Sandra VI says:

Every single day from now on 10 times minimum I will say :’I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities thought multiple sources on a continuous bases ‘ 😊👍

Inspire Talk says:

Loved the information on how changing our paradigms will change our results.

AldoHV2x says:

Started watching Bob Proctor 3 months ago and my life changed every since. I didn't believe it at first but after a while I started to realized everything Bob said was so true.

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