Bob Proctor – Achieve ANY Goal in 2018!

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Sterling Lowery says:

What's the difference between school and life? In school your given a lesson and then a test. In life your given a test which teaches you a lesson.

Why we have to go to school?

King Luis Escareno says:

Thank you. I will achieve anything here's my email. [email protected]

Iryna MN says:

I listen to him and trust him like I trust my father. Cant stop listening to him,its like a lullaby before sleep. I am so grateful for being familiar to this person in my life!

Miri Janke says:

Thank you for the video . My email is [email protected]

Bp Rijal says:

Is there any video that you haven't talk about think and grow rich?

Chui says:

You a genius bob ??

eloy alvarado says:

Thank you Bob best wishes 2018?

Zolboo Ganbold says:

My role model. Appreciate you for beginning until now. [email protected]

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