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Ash says:

Brilliant video! But I have a few questions! What happens when you truly do believe that this person really loves you and I am the right person for them but its been almost a year and i haven't seen any change in my reality. Does that mean my beliefs are not strong enough? I continue to see his name and things related to us daily so I know I am doing it right but I am just wondering what the delay is 😮

S R says:

Oh yeah this is awesome! What if you believe that men you don't want chase you but the men you do want aren't chasing you? How would you change that belief? For some reason this is what I think and what happens. I don't know why

iamConley says:

Ive done this so much and screwed myself over for so long with this XD no more

K A says:

Amazing content, loved how u explained, just perfect!

K A says:

Such a beautiful makeup ???

Shannon Slabada says:

What about if you’re dating around while trying to manifest a SP?

Ebony Reign says:

Wonderful video!

M K says:

A great reminder, thanks! 😀

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