Being on Your Path – Dr. Wayne Dyer & Esther Hicks: Co-Creating at Its Best

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iris bianca says:

È possibile una tradizione in italiano?

Idglã Reinhard says:

I wish she would just STOP interrupting. That is so annoying and egotistic to say the least. I do not believe that it is just Abraham (an unlighted consciousness) interrupting. Interrupting to me comes from your ego. Your personal necessity to just make yourself heard. Obviously Ester (or however the right spelling of her name is) is in some control of her brain and therefore her ego is mixing with Abraham's consciousness. But, who am I to judge her given that she is human and makes mistakes just like me. And obviously the content of her message is very valuable, even though she won't let anyone else speak. Personally I do not resonate with her at all. I'm here for Wayne Dyer. Anyways good luck

BAM2613 says:

Ester Hicks, is one of the biggest charlatans on the planet ????!!

Iam TheLight says:

He was a keeper of the LIGHT!   They were both speaking from source… LOVE!

StuartF says:

What an ignorant Bitch this woman is .
She is very disrespectful to Dr Dyer

Tony Tobar says:

I came to this site to hear Wayne Dyer.
That one trick pony of hers (Abraham Hicks) is irritating!!!!

Tanveer Chowdhury says:

Thanks to Abram. Thanks to Dr. Wayne Dyer fro their 'Joy 'conversations.Thanks to HayHousePresents for the posts.

ANGST says:

Those feminists

Joseph Gelb says:

Love this dude when he reaches sounds like he is home

MrGrownman455 says:

As amazing as this conversation is. There is one conversation I want to see.. That is Bashar and Abraham. That is a conversation that will light up a room. Bashar is the technical version of Abraham. Those two have never met but their information play offs off each other and really fits together.

Marjorie Easton says:

The things I hear from God don't fit me right now but I am so desperate for approval…should I follow even through I don't want  to be in a strict church…

Marilo Jackson says:

Dear Wayne, I really learn to love you to all your spiritual teachings… you are so a beautiful soul, it's a real a challenge  to see you dealing with Esther who it's so practical. But probably works.
I love you !!!

carol newlands says:

Remember SHE isn't interrupting Abraham is..

Don Stewart says:

My goodness lady let the man finish a sentence.

Kimana Official says:

I am hugely interested in the topic, just wish she would stop interrupting.. I find it really rude when people do that :/ 

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