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LQ says:

Your vid came into my feed, I was not subbed, and you gave me exactly what I needed to hear this morning.  I was feeling so low, and had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach!  Thanks for reminding me that I can manifest anything I want, and that my thoughts and feelings don't have to be in a low state of vibration if I just begin the process of manifestation!  Imagine the end, picture the end, live in the end.  Thanks!   New subscriber.  Good luck on your channel.  What am I saying…….lets manifest a successful channel for you!

Tekno Bejb says:

Really good you have a unique gift
I love what u say at 07.22
And then again at:

Katherine Maclean says:

Your videos help so much, thank you! I was wondering how long it has taken you to manifest a specific person?

M K says:

Thanks that helped. My biggest block is fear that something bad will happen to my person ie. death, coming from the old ideas of “the universe is teaching you a lesson” type of thing, or that my mind is looking for reasons that it can’t work out. I started telling myself to remember I made the whole idea up and there’s no truth in it. It’s the last thing to sort out I think, all other areas I’ve made big progress with. It makes me uneasy about imagining him, so I thought about forcing myself to imagine and claiming what I want again.

Hellojen says:

Hi again, hoping you can make a video on partial manifestations i.e. when what you manifest is not 100% of what you wanted? Like how to avoid that or what does that mean? Thank you ?

Chandrima Chakroborty says:

U r really very good teaches us thanx u dr love u

Joanne Chen says:

this is gold

DrRujuta Sawant says:

Please make a video on how to get married to a specific person and what affirmations should we use and meditation.

Ryan O'Donnell says:

Hey Jasmine, I'm not sure if I asked this before, but Amanda from Create your Future mentions that it's ok to have a mental diet
with intentions. Some say it's ok to intend the middle but others say it's ok to only intend the end (Joseph Alai) even if there isn't even any communication yet. It's like I find myself toggling between those two viewpoints and I'm not sure whose is correct or the right technique? I find that I need to say more than just a general declaration I need to train my monkey mind when I have a doubt or negative thought into a positive one. Do you agree about using "I intend". I understand the 5 step manifesting process but I feel I need to have positive intentions in place that are the exact opposite of negative thoughts when I need them, like what Amanda does. For my intentions, I have the picture in place for when I say them. Also if I manifest the date first, then I get a clearer picture of her face for
the actual end result scene!! Lol I guess my biggest problem is focusing too much on outside circumstances and getting overwhelmed by different manifestation techniques.

Stephanie P. says:

My biggest block to manifesting my sp is the face that he is married (unhappily) he tried to leave his wife for me, but his kids threatened to have nothing to do with him (they are grown and in their 20’s). The kids are my biggest block, not the wife because he can’t stand her. How can I get past this???

K A says:

You are a gift from the universe Jasmine ?

Radhika Mīa says:

Would like to hear more of the "energy and feelingisation" of what to expect beyond 'what is'/

Hellojen says:

Another useful video, thanks so much Jasmine ?

Dan Dukarski says:

Aside from ignoring my current situation, the hardest thing to deal with for me is the idea of letting go. I hear from a lot of the LoA community that after you've imagined something or set an intention in motion, that we are supposed to drop it, let it go, and be okay with not having it. How am I supposed to stay focused on the end and live with the feeling that I am with person and that they want me, but also let it go when it's easily the biggest desire I currently have in life is to be with this person?

Su Grigoryan says:

Well in my case when i still had a chance to meet my specific person sometimes i started trying to do visualizations me and him getting closer me and him loving each other because i was deeply in love but he did not seem as interrested as i were so i tried to visualize things but as more i did it as worse things got he started pulling away and more he would pull away more i would try to apply these things trying to drug him closer .The outcome now is that he stoped even texting me now he stoped meeting me and it has been 6 month we did not meet and i text him sometimes i try to open some conversation with him that i want to see him and so on the last text i got from him two days ago was the he is not interrested any more! What did i do so wrong that i got this my visualization was to be with him and the outcome is the person stoped dating me complitly and tells me he is not interrested? What to do now ? I still love him i feel so much in pain i see no way t

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