ASK & YOU SHALL RECEIVE THE SECRET MIRACLES Of The Law Of Attraction, Manifestation Meditation

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Michael Stitt says:

Jus want my robin back not money car jobs jus her.

Stephen Harrison says:

Within 24 Hours a change will occur for the better.

Soldier God Man says:

This is some kind of cathedral hymn, isn't it?

Sagittarius88 says:

Thank u universe for my blessings

nadine allen says:

Please bring me a new job, one that makes me feel content and satisfied and part of a team. Thank you.

Kindabam Crochet says:

Thank You for this peaceful music. Beautiful artwork 😇

Angela Collins says:

I think it's selfish and stupid to try and attract someone in your life. Have you ever thought they are not there cause they don't want to be ? But besides that this music is very relaxing.

chef bautista says:

Please grant my wish

Naima Ouardi says:

I desire to be wealthy and healthy thanks God for your gift

Naima Ouardi says:

Awsome thank youu and happy new year to you

Editha pilapil says:

Hope today I will win a raffle draw worth 1000$dollar's Money money comes flows easily to my Acount

buddystix says:

Hi universe, you know who this is right? Im ready to meet my twin flame now. Please send them into my life, thanks you universe

Theresa Serrette says:

Thanks very soft amd calm

Monica Wadström says:

Det finns så mycket meditations musik att använda tack tack tack.

UTexas Nurse says:

Becareful what you ask for ….

Ben Kempton says:

Can someone please explain me how this works? Lets suppose I listen to this and visualize to attract a specific person, then how would this cause that person to get attracted to me?

Chris Zaky Anger says:

I hope to manifest some day. I might not have the body of a werewolf, but i feel like one and that's what matters to me. The gods might yet grant me wealth and money in abundance and they might yet let me get the body of a werewolf when they think i'm ready or when they feel that they can grant me it. It's up to the gods to decide when i'm ready to get what i desire. It's up to the gods and goddesses to grant me my wishes. They'll grant me my wishes when they think i'm ready. I can afford to wait. I do have lots of time to wait for the gods and goddesses to decide. I'm only 19 years old and the divines decide when i'm ready to get immortality and they decide when they will consider me as one of their own. I'm not the one to decide my fate, i just follow the road the gods and goddesses want me to follow. They have chosen to make me a farmer and a werewolf/furry even if i don't have the body of one. They will decide when i'm ready for the next step in life and that step comes on my 20:th birthday. May the divine powers find me worthy to live my life as the divine powers want me to live. I just have to show that i'm ready to take the next step in life and show the gods and goddesses that i am ready for the next step they have laid out for me. I don't know what the next step for me in life is, but i know that my current step is to move to a new home, to my own little den as i say. They think i'm ready to move out of my parents house and so do i. The gods and goddesses think i'm ready for a new home and to get the driving licence for tractors and for cars. If they think i'm ready, who am i to say i'm not ready as i am ready to move away from my parents and i am ready to get the driving licence. The divines has decided to lead me in this path and who am i to argue with them. They will tell me what my next step in life is when i'm ready for it. I'm not 20 yet as it's a little less than two months until my next birthday. They will make sure to lift me up and watch over me until they grants me the next step

Beverley Goyle says:

Universe u know my heart desire to find a better job that pays more money. Thank u.

Maame Esi says:

Thank you Universe for another great and awesome video thanks for your love and kindness to us all Shalom

Felicia Potter says:

Good morning, thank you.

Emma Minecraft says:

Good morning. Best way to wake up. Keep up the awesome work!!

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