ASK THE UNIVERSE WHAT YOU WANT: Manifest Your Wish, Law of Attraction, Meditation Music

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I got my third eye open an everything but i can only think about the changes in life its just not happening an i just don’t know what to do
Ik know its patience but i been waiting a very long time now

I listen to these every night an I believe in them an yet still nothing seems to be working out for me


Will this really work for me ?I really need the help?

Made Puspa says:

pekerjaan yang sesuai dengan keinginan saya

Kimberly Kinlow says:

Universe I need a money blessing now

Kimberly Kinlow says:

I need 500000 right now

Vida Ahialoamey says:

I receve my marrd

A J Creations says:

I want my ex back universe…I trusted you …

Marnishia Moore says:

I want money…not trying to get rich quick but need financial break through to complete goals

anita sharma says:

I want license. Please universe help me to pass my test to get G

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