Ascension and Manifestation: The NEW Law of Attraction

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Aaron Doughty says:

Hey everyone you can join the training I mentioned in the video below:

Courageous Consciousness says:

I like this concept a lot Aaron. Focus on the feelings before the manifestation. This is Hicks-like in a way (they always encourage you to reach for the best feeling thought and being excited about what you want to manifest). Ascend first, then manifest. It makes a lot of sense!

Saare White says:

Thank you so much for this.

BlueMoneyAngel says:


Delliana's Auguries says:

Thank You Aaron, for your Wisdom
~ and your shout out to Parmahansa ღ

Clifford Taylor says:


yolande britz says:

Thank you ❤️❤️

Jennifer Gordon says:

…. Explosive path of synchronicity and high vibration – looove when this happens ??

Shambhavi Yamgar says:

you are the best teacher on planet

Krystle Brooks says:

Thank you ? focusing on my ❤️ and trying to forget my head ?

Michael Dawodu says:

Low key think we can ascend into dr strange level

Siya P says:

Thanks Aaron! It’s was very informative.

Ron MCCARTY says:

LOL, more frigging lowlifes than I can shake a stick at… where the hell do you live?


love this video!

Rosa Pipe says:

How comes we never see you in a relationship? 😀 You know your stuff but will feel like you've really cracked it when you open up about your relationship struggles given this is what's most peoples biggest challenges and valued gains

asrifrog79 says:

Thank you, sir??

Michelle C says:

Powerful, beautiful energy, Aaron! Thank you for your message. Alot of clarity! Namaste!

Claribel Vicent says:

Thank you Aaron! For your short but beautiful explanation about the first 3 chakras!!

Cathy Hetzel says:

Aaron, Steve Jobs read that book every year for twenty years! Peace!

NaijaIndie SoulEmpress says:

Forever 'Blissings' to you
Forever Peace, Love & Expansion???

Susan Cardenas says:

You’re the Best Arron. Thank you. ⭐️♥️

nahnahnah says:

I know exactly what I'm supposed to do with my life and why I came here. My fear-based thought is that I'm "running out of time" and I have fear of the future. I know it's false, but I need help overcoming it. If anyone could send prayers and good vibes I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

marios demsias says:

Does it play a role that i was born in 2000?

Twilight Star says:

I want to ask you what it is to be in now. I m little confused. I don't know whether it is to notice things going on in now/ be mindful or is it being in the vibration what you want to be in?

Tman says:

A thought about time: The Spirit knows it doesn't exist and us humans are setup to experience on earth night/day which created mans "time". Thinking in actuality this is all really one day and this matrix is designed to give the impression of time, aging, months, years etc…but it's an all a dream/illusion. I have heard that the Spirit doesn't understand "time", but a response they once said our "lifetime" here on earth is similar to 3 weeks on the other side! Makes ya think now!

Lea Stiller says:

This video raised my vibration 😉

monica carrillo says:

Aaron thank you so much for this video. I listen to you every morning. Do you have any meditations or do you have any recommendations for clearing our chakras?
Light and love ?

Shan Flores says:

good morning everyone& thank YOU Aaron. May you put your best foot forward and stay sanctified along your journey. SENDING LOVE~LIGHT FROM MY HEART TO YOURS!!

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