Align Yourself One Choice At A Time (NEW)

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Vortex Rising says:

Hey everyone! If you want to hear our thoughts and reflections on this amazing Abraham-Hicks segment, visit:

כוכבית ארכהן says:

Thank you!💝

gogoshire says:

Great message! Any idea where that house on the lake is? That pic is gorgeous!

SunMoon&Stars says:

Hey i was there! Hi Vortex rising! where you also present there?

First Lady Queen says:

I love you and been watching a lot of your videos but I do Not find that is a natural thought. Anyone thinking even for a minute that they have to suffer and struggle learned it from church that we were born as filthy sinners. It also came from the government aka educational system: study hard, then work harder to prove yourself good enough! Bleh bleh bleh!

T C T says:

Thank you Abraham!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Lynne Scott says:

Powerful message 🙏🏽❤

Cris Delgado says:

This is the best “right on” message ever from Abraham!

John Killeen says:

Perfect Abraham, totaly perfect. Pure vortex. Im very greatful for coming upon this, it's exactly the clarification i needed. Sooooo so so sweet. 😊

Blyss Davis says:

Wow that was really powerful. I’ve never really thought about the vortex, but now I am! “It is the vibrational essence of everything that is to come, but it’s also the vibrational essence of the stability of everything that is”….that’s really amazing! Kinda mind blowing really. Thanks for posting!

annie mkhungo says:


Kerry K says:

This is amazing thank you so much for sharing

Lindsey Churchill says:

Thank You : )

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