Age is Just a Number | The Proctor Perspective

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Alan Farhadi says:

Such a wonderful and powerful motivation. Thanks a lot. I will try to practice your ideas in my life as possible as i can . Thanks again .
I am from Erbil, Kurdistan.

Lubna Mahmood says:

I love you Bob???????????????

Carleen & Britta Simon says:

We just need to make sure that we loooove what we do and we will never consider giving that up! Not even I will, even though I m German! 🙂 Keep going & being young Bob Proctor! Bless you!


Bob is 85 and his thyroid is playing up much more this days

Hema 06 says:

God bless you Bob❤

LoMejorDeLoMejor says:

actually this is the first time in history I see someone at 84 looking so good
and talking so fluent, in fact I know 15 years old kids that talks as slow as a 84 common old man

The Reel Slot Players says:

Bob you changed my life, thank you!!

NY Curl401 says:

I can not believe his age. Not that it is old but he looks many years younger but also his mind…amazing. Such an inspiration.

Emily Asamba says:

Proctor you are awesome.

Mark and Pamela Holtz says:

Love ya Bob!

Sterling Lowery says:

Great are they who do not lose their Child's Heart.

Zack Asante says:

My Birth certificate said I'm 41 , however in actuality I'm 20 years old ????????????????????????????

Draw with me says:

Bob, you're one of a kind! You're a living legend of the 21st century

Bruce Buckner says:

Lol Instagram bucknerbruce414

Bruce Buckner says:

It's a show Bob Proctor

Bruce Buckner says:

Bob Proctor you still got a lot of life. It's great that you still love your work

rusydi green says:

It's not just a number. It shows how much experience you have.

Italy C says:

I guess in most cases some people don't want to work for somebody else. They want to work on their own dreams.

Baybee Pebbles says:

Thank you! I’m forever young and I have been working for 30 years and I don’t want to retire when they ask me when I say I’m to young! ♥️

Planetgreenzen says:

Amazing Bob. You always inspire me to gravitate towards how you are as I get wiser with life. I will have similar energy and mobility as you.

Joey Money Man says:

You look good for 80 keep going sir

African Girl says:


Abcdefghi Jklmnopqrstuvwxyz says:

A wise man once said, “we outta believe that we’re creative beings and there’s nowhere we haven’t gone that we can’t go, so let’s get up and get moving, that’s my attitude in age.”

GoStaggerLee ! says:

In The Bahamas we have a song, Age ain’t nothing but a number – Ronnie Butler! Just like wine ? get better with time!

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