ADVANCED SCRIPTING: The Law Of Attraction Technique That Makes Manifesting EASY! (Use THIS!)

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Your Youniverse says:

?Blessings to all of the Moms, Mother Figures, Dads Who Do It All and those who have taken the role of Mom in the absence of another! I’m posting early today so I can spend time with my family.? Love and light to you all! ?

antone cataldo says:

This is satanic af. How dare you say god has something to do with this new age doctrine! Damn witch … yea i allready prayed for peotection before i wrote this so eat my dirty shorts

R Amin says:

Thanks, this was exactly what i was waiting for. ?

Tuber says:

Can someone tell me of videos or movies that can help me script my marriage since I never been in a relationship before and I truly can’t imagine specific incidents between me and my future husband, help!

Charliee Weber says:

Excellent! Thank you

JelJel Samm says:

So… is literally anything possible if you believe it enough?

dave term says:

she always delivers – all of her content is on point and of value

Iron work Show says:

Thank you I already use this technique for how long I have to write until I see evidence ?

CharlieGirl says:

Sorry, but this more goal setting than manifesting. Its not for the thinking mind to figure out the how of things. This involves the thinking mind way to much where it has no business being. We will and do manifest everything we experience in life without having to think our way through the process. Trust the natual process of Universe to manifest it, and get the mind/ego out of way.

I love most of what you put out on this channel, but this one is not one of them. Sorry.

Andrew Mandapat says:

Thank you very much!

Natasha Howie says:

This is incredible thank you

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