Act As If It Already Happened! (Law of Attraction!) The Secret to Success

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Vinay Kumar says:

Can I get a hello there Ralph

Expressing Myself says:

Love you Ralph <3

Cryative N says:

Im not in the best time of my life right now, but your videos always make me look at the brightside and uplift me. The energy you channel through your voice, calmness and happiness just makes me happy aswel. I never had the balls to do what I always wanted to do, but now I feel like it is one of the easier tasks. I am going to do it because of you. Sincerely, thank you Ralph.

Pisce Ponix says:

Everyday for almost 2 weeks I have been watching you has change my life!!! you are awesome. !!!!How u use your gift from God. Thank you ..

LjLac says:

Dont know why this made me cry

Sarah Lim says:

I like this!!! ??????

Ironclad Confidence says:

This is the law of attraction at work… plant the seed, water the seed, give the seed sunlight and the field will grow! Thanks for sharing Ralph… ✌

MSG Gaur says:

awesome and good morning from India

Caden Rolland says:

When you act as if it is already here, it IS already here but not at 100% yet.
When you say "I'm trying" you are only trying and that's why trying never gets there. At some point you'll get to the point where you don't want to try any longer and just "Become!" Take the short road this time weary traveler, and be it now

leroy krug says:

I would love to see you with Ryan cropper 🙂

Dave Fitzgerald says:


CreativeQueen x says:

Love and positive vibes to all ?

Abraham Palmer says:

great video we often attracts things so similar to ourselves. for example criminals hangs with other criminals. nerds hangs with other nerds. strippers hangs with other strippers etc…. birds flock together

Hadi al hasha says:

please read this and do your research about it
…..drinking too much water will make your hair fall out from the front side of your head
….you don't have to take that much water
? ? ? ?

BossMan Dee says:

DEEP DIVERS!!!!!! Hellllooo

Chandler says:

Are you Christian? Is he Christian?

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