Abraham: WINNING THE LOTTERY? Pt. 2 of 2 – Esther & Jerry Hicks

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Kimbob aLoola says:

"We want you to get in the vortex…… because of what will manifest but we want you to get in the vortex because we want you to feel like this"!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

French De Miguel says:

Thanks for this,amazing LOA works.this week i win big jackpot in PCSO, and im feling grateful…

FreeFormer64 says:

It feels exhilirating, thrilling, and mind blowing! And im thankful and grateful for it.

Ramachandrankc Kc says:


S Mermaid Tarot says:

lov it ! Im happy and feel i have everything I want and more * 🙂

Love isHappiness says:

Love this, amazing vibe, feels so good.

santoor nad says:

both thumbs up!!! : joy joy … thankyou .. esther abraham and jerry !!

lanceaylor says:

Great video.

Christa Nagtegaal says:

YES, 2 thumbs up for ABUNDANCE

vanessa diano says:

this is real ..thank you for sharing this wonderful idea i just use this method and  then try to play lottery ..this week i won a lottery  and i feel awesome….

Nighla Santana says:

BOTH THUMBS UP!! So funny lmao

Beck Jones says:

it feels like I want to jump up and down and do that happy dance do da do da.. yayayayaya

MoreLove2013 says:

I love Esther and Abraham very much !!!

MoreLove2013 says:

I like him; I love his smile.  This was a beautiful video; love love loved it!!!!

Constantinescu Andrei says:

this technique i sow at Egyptian mediation they where talking about how to do things manifest , is not something new but is a practical idea of intuiting with wat you whant

Holly Hobbie says:

he looks like a really nice guy. I hope he wins the lotto and that that may bring much joy and happiness to his life. Loved this video. Thank you <3

KARR Knows What You Did Last Summer says:

The happiness, joy, etc. of winning the lottery isn't the same as being a vibrational match with money. You have to know you are the money; you have to feel wealthy. It's not just about wanting money, it's about discovering your wealth first.

ituajadeh says:

this is what i really need this morning. and abraham are really full of love. its weird.

Eliene says:

Wonder did he win the lottery??? Any update on his case?

KARR Knows What You Did Last Summer says:

I hope one day this guy believes he deserves to win. He deserves it, he just doesn't believe he does. Everyone deserves everything they want. We're all here to have fun, not to be slaves and suffer.

LadyNicky007 says:

What would it feel like to win??
Well the answer that jumped to my mind is
"It would feel like when I got my first bonus check"
I was 19 years old just out of college working at my first job for stockbrokers.
This profit-sharing bonus ( $2, 800.) that was unexpected at the time, had me walking on air for a whole month. I felt priviledged in some way.
I remember that day like it was yesterday. A great feeling of succes.

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